Will Mitt Romney lose to another Kennedy?


Back in 1994, Mitt Romney made his first foray into politics by challenging Teddy Kennedy’s senate seat in Massachusetts. He lost by 17 points.

Now Mitt is seeking another senate seat, this time in Utah. He expected to be anointed as the party’s candidate, but failed in his bid. A majority of state delegates voted in favor of another Kennedy - this time Mike. Mike Kennedy won the delegate vote 51% to Romeny’s 49%, forcing a primary run off vote in July.

Romney made headlines earlier on Saturday when he said he was not ready to endorse Trump for reelection in 2020, telling CNN he would “make that decision down the road.”

My favorite part is a quote from Mitt

Mitt Romney is going to battle the swamp :joy:


As far as the President’s agenda goes, a Senator Willard Romney is a pickup for Chuck Schumer.