Will the old GOP recover?


So a month away from the election, I am not surprised that Trump is predicted to lose, though I am surprised at his ability to stay in the race even this long. Assuming the GOP lose this election, how or will they recover? Will one of the “rising stars” run in 2020 or be able to bring the party together again? How will this all play out?

It sounds to me as if Trump wants to take everyone down with him (not a surprise by those who didn’t even think he should have been running as a Republican to begin with). I’m starting to think some of his supporters might go further LEFT, to Bernie Sanders territory, some may switch to the Dems and another large group will revert back to the GOP under new leadership.

All of the rumblings I read here in Canada suggest that the Republicans as a party are in trouble. Especially if they don’t win the ballots down the ticket.


I wouldn’t count Trump out just yet, though the odds are not in his favor.

The one thing I see he has going for him is the fanaticism of his supporters. While Hitlery may have a better ground game, the likelihood of HIS supporters going to the polls is much greater than her’s . . . unless her workers drive EVERYONE to the polls.

To stay on topic though . . . YES, I do believe that if Trump loses, the Republican party will be a skeleton of it’s former self.

Actually, even if he DOES win, the Republican party will STILL be splintered.


The current Republican Party has proven itself as useless as the Whig Party. Stands for NOTHING - except continued power for its entrenched elites. Offers NO new or relevant ideas. Slaps down those who DO offer ideas or principles, even when they enter the discussion with a following.

Doesn’t CARE what the base wants. Yes, such a party is irrelevant and meaningless - and will disappear, and should.

These Elites will feel right at home in the DemoCommunist Party.


Since got the vice presidential nomination just over four years ago, Paul Ryan has proven to be a major disappointment. His moralizing about Trump’s “locker room language” does not excuse his tacit support for Hillary Clinton. Given her terrible record and criminal behavior, she does not deserve the of anyone except Bill, Chelsea and herself.


The Whig Party died after the 1852 presidential election. The Republican Party started forming in 1854 and fielded a flawed, but viable looking and competitive presidential candidate in 1856. Maybe we can duplicate that over the next four years. Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINOs can remain in the Whig Party.


To a large extent I think what I think of when referring to the OLD republican party is that it’s already gone. I don’t think the old values are popular enough to elect anyone.


Trump’s voters aren’t going anywhere. They just won in the primary, and still have a shot in the general, despite the most overwhelming effort ever orchestrated to stop someone from winning. I know the party elites like to think that if they can just bury Trump, they’ll put a stop to this. They’re wrong.


Put a fork in it . . . IT’S DONE.

Seriously, the GOP is finished. I’m sure it will hang around for a couple of election cycles, and perhaps squirm violently as it dies, but the Dems aren’t going to have to worry about defeating the Republicans. The Republicans did it for’m.

Until some solid, firm, and well organized resistance is formed, the Dems will have a free ride. What better proof of that than Hitlery. I mean, when they put up such a weak candidate and still prevail, doesn’t that show that they really have no viable resistance?

(I’m hoping Trump proves me wrong, and OTOH I’m right about the Trump fanatics getting to the polls in droves.)


He picked the wrong time to start getting all priggish about private conversations years ago. He could have come out for any of three or so candidates who did NOT talk like that; who had spiritual convictions, deep morality and convictions.

Not coincidentally, they were proven conservative. Which is why the Faux-Con, Paul Rino, wanted NOTHING to do with them. He and others.

Their task at the moment was to slap down those Christers and Teabaggers and Bitter Clingers. That done, now it’s on to destroy the OTHER upstart.

Paul Rino’s idea of a win is not our idea. Rino stands for the status quo. Conventional Wisdom has it that Illary represents the status quo - which is grossly, lethally wrong; but it’s rigid, smug, comfortable people who believe Conventional Wisdom. So Paul Rino is working to defeat his own party’s candidate - very flawed, but better than The Alternative - and instead is jumping gaily into a brush chipper with his choice.


Keep rootting for Hillary


The Progressives have slowly infiltrated the GOP over the past 50 years or so–to the point where there’s little difference between the Democrats and the Republicans as a political party, even while both parties give lip-service to Constitutional principles.


Turn out the lights the party is over.

Unless Trumpy wins, the GOP is dead meat and the Buzzards are already beginning to circle, call it road kill on the way to the White House.

It will come back and come back strong, but few of us will be around to see it.

If Hitlery wins it will take 45 years for America to recover…that said, no country, after falling from grace has EVER recovered back to the heights it once had.


I’ll probably be around in 45 years, unless things get really, really catastrophic.


Great, you can think back and say you read it here first.

I figure it will take 2 generations to come to grips with the fact that liberalism does not work. The problem you face is the Govt might not want to change. Its hard to give up money, but liberals will give up every single dime they have as long as they retain POWER money is but an incidental. Besides if they don’t have any money you can bet no one does because they have already stripped from society.

If you want to see what is coming just look at the human toll in the USSR. The collapse was so bag that even the govt gave up liberalism and made a mad rush to capitalism*. It was so bad that the Chinese tossed liberalism on the trash heap and embraced capitalism.

  • Capitalism: Capitalism is the only economic system that works under ALL forms of govt with one exception…Socialism and even under the most Socialist Govts the rise of a thriving Black Market occurs.


Given the way that Paul Ryan and his buddies have done what they could to give the election to Hillary, I would never contribute a dime to the Republican Party. The party that helps Hillary in through the back door does not deserve my money.


Paul Ryan has moral standards. Paul Ryan is a Catholic who subscribes to subsidiarity; something that doesn’t gel at all with the big-government push Trump was representing.

Still, he was willing to endorse Trump because of the courts. Then the other shoe dropped with the rape allegations.

Paul Ryan is a man who subscribes to the idea “Right makes might”. That conservatism will win out in the end because it has the right ideas that will lead to prosperity for the nation.

He can’t do that however if he’s forced to peddle policies he know won’t work, and equally carrying water for an awful man he doesn’t respect, who will serve as a platform for people with same ideas as him gathering into the party.

Ryan doesn’t want a Clinton administration. But if that’s the outcome for torpedoing an awful candidate who will lead the party to ruin, so be it. Better to let her be an unpopular President he can run rings around, then take orders from a man with bad ideas, who will be responsible for Republicans losing the House & Senate as soon as the public sees he couldn’t do anything he promised.

> I would never contribute a dime to the Republican Party.

And that’s your choice of course.

However, if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you have no more basis for assuming how effective a Trump Presidency would be than Ryan does.

He has the same goal, he wants less government & more freedom in people’s lives, but he’s made different assumptions of how to best reach a place where conservative policies can find a time & place to prove their worth.

He doesn’t see that opportunity in Trump, and I agree that he’s right not to. Trump obscures to others what conservatism is truly about. We won’t win any lasting victories with him. We won’t convince more to entertain conservative ideas.

All we’ll be doing is giving the alt-right a platform within our own ranks to change us from the inside. Something even Clinton can’t do.


I am voting against Hillary Clinton far more than I am voting for Trump. There is a 100% chance that the Hillary administration will be a disaster. Trump might well be bad, but for me it’s a throw of the dice.

Paul Ryan sold out and gave Obama his budget in the name of avoiding a government shut down. As far as I’m concerned he showed that he has no principles on that important issue. So far as the Trump candidacy is concerned, Ryan took his sweet time endorsing him before he withdrew it. No Ryan is a disappointing Republican.


Which strikes people who aren’t conservative, yet also aren’t liberals, as cynical. You have to be for something to win arguments, not just against someone else.

If we want permanent victories rather than anemic ones, we need to be consistent as to who we are & what we advocate.

Putting Trump as our candidate, muddles this, as he’s firmly against conservative policies. It makes people confused as to what we stand for & more willing to buy into characterizations by the left.

> Paul Ryan sold out and gave Obama his budget

No; Obama’s budget was shut down by Senate, just like always. The Cromnibus was something Ryan hashed over with Democrats in Congress. Obama, like always when it comes to legislation, attached himself after this process was in full swing.

> No Ryan is a disappointing Republican.

Ryan is a good republican, biding his time. Even Reagan said that you had to pick your battles, and Ryan has been steadily setting the groundwork for a Conservative policy coup. He just knew this wasn’t the time.

He did however get something, and I don’t just mean military funding. We can export oil again. Something Alaskans have wanted for decades. Something the economy needs right now.


Paul ryan is married to a raging liberal. Paul Ryan, before marrying her, dated a raging black liberal woman. What do you suppose that says about Paul Ryan?


> It makes people confused as to what we stand for & more willing to buy into characterizations by the left.

The sad truth is that the left has turned out to be correct in large part about the Republican base. For example, Caroline’s racist response in the post above.