Will the Republicans Really Cut This Time?


The Republicans promise less intrusive, less expensive government. But will they deliver? In the past, they have said they would shrink the state, but then they came into power and spent more. Consider George W. Bush’s eight horrendous years: The budget grew 89 percent – from $1.86 trillion to $3.52 trillion.
Two Republican House members, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, No. 2 on the budget committee, and Bill Huizenga, a freshman from Michigan, say that they really mean to cut.
“I sure plan to,” Garrett said.
I asked him to name three things he’d cut.

Will the Republicans Really Cut This Time? - John Stossel - Townhall Conservative

Here is a comment from a obvious liberal who thinks throwing more money at it is the thing to do.

"As has been stated time and time again, there isn’t any item in the budget that can be cut. In fact, virtually every government program is woefully underfunded, almost to a critical level. If anything, Congress should be looking at ways to increase spending across the board since the budgets of many programs need to be doubled or tripled at a minimum to be effective. All of this talk of spending cuts is simple political posturing. We all know that in order for the government to take care of our every need it needs more funds, period.

Some cry that we cannot afford to fund all government programs adequately. This is pure nonsense. If we instill a 100% tax on all household income above the poverty level, we can afford to pay for the programs that we all want. And any family can live on such an amount, particularly when government programs are in place to provide free education, medical care, cable TV, and so forth. Yes, the rich will have to make do without the excesses they now enjoy, but they deserve to taste the poverty that they have forced so many others to live in for so long.

These limits would also apply to business owners and corporate CEO’s. Such people only exploit their workers anyway, so there is no reason they should enjoy a higher standard of living than that earned by the lowliest janitor. If anything, business owners should only be allowed to earn half of the income that their employees do since it is the labor of the employees that allow the lazy business owners to lounge around all day while their workers toil and sweat.

By taxing all income over a miniscule level, we could pay for all the programs that the greedy rich are too stingy to properly fund now. Plus, by doing so we would ensure that all people are indeed equal, just as required by our constitution."

So how is that working for you democrat?