Will YOU Take a Stand against Obamacare?


{Moderators, if this is the wrong forum, apologies, and move it to where you see fit.} (Swell, I suddenly can’t ‘paragraph’) I want to know how many of you are willing to take a stand. As in, refuse to purchase health insurance, AND refuse to pay the PENALTY for not doing so. A simple “aye” or “nay” will suffice.


The question is whether you will fail to report your insurance status or commit perjury on a federal tax form. Keep in mind it’s not a simple aye or nay.

For 2014, the penalty is about a hundred bucks. Many healthy people will rationally decide to pay the penalty, and many sick people will sign up for health insurance and won’t be supported by the experience, and premiums, of the healthy people. That will cause premiums to skyrocket for 2015, the first year where the penalties for not having insurance will take a real bite.

The test for ObamaCare will be 2015, not 2014.


I’m not in a position to be tested. I like to think I’m an “aye,” but in fact I’m an “I don’t know.”


At this time, that is out of the question for me. My wife is being treated for cancer and I’m diabetic. I must satay with my present health insurance and use of a flexible spending account.




I will carry the same insurance I have for the last few years. My only goal is to take care of my family. Should I be forced out of my plan, then yes, I’ll personally deny Obamacare and pay the fine. My wife and daughter, can make up their own minds.


I don’t care if it’s $5 or $1000. (This time I can state that it really IS the principle.) I’m not paying it.
I have no intentions of committing perjury. I don’t know why you think I, or anyone, would. I’ll state exactly what my health ins. status is; I don’t have any.
They will fine me.
I will not pay the fine.
Not sure if, or how much trouble we’ll be in for that stand, but that’s the way of it.

–As I understand it, insurance companies will now be mailing out forms just as employers do w/W2’s and 1099’s to show your proof of health insurance. Obviously, I won’t have one. Be kinda hard to commit perjury, even if I had a mind to.

—I wouldn’t mind being corrected on that last bit. Never my intention to mislead.


I appreciate both of your being honest. If I didn’t have my husband’s staunch support in the matter, I don’t know as I’d be so brave.
Thing is, I’d rather be in trouble w/the IRS than him! LOL!


Bless your heart. My best to you both, sincerely.
And I don’t blame you a bit. You need that coverage.

May roses bloom in your garden.


You have my understanding where you stand on this, and have my respect for seeing to your responsibilities as a husband and father.

Might I ask why you will pay the fine? (I have my guesses, but why speculate when you can speak for yourself?)

*BTW, just so you folks know, my husband has always taken his responsibility as a provider to heart, and has done a bang-up job of it. It was I who came to him about this, and we agreed to be in it together.
Just so ya know. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that Mr. 2 was anything less than the stand-up guy he is.


Just be prepared to face the consequences.


The problem with refusing to pay the fine is simple for them. They said they will either garnish your paycheck or withhold your tax return. It’s not a question of just saying “no.”


What consequences?

Typically, the IRS does have a number of steps by which to recoup unpaid taxes. It can garnish your wages, for example, or, in rare cases, seize property. But with the health mandate, the law’s drafters specifically barred the agency from any of those more aggressive tactics.

Readers ask, we answer! What happens if you don’t pay Obamacare’s tax penalty?


I’m working on it. And yes, I do worry that I may cave. I hope like heck not.


I’m self-employed, and believe me, there is no return to garnish.


aHA! Thank you.
Settles that for me!


What paycheck?



I could work at managing my diabetes without insurance but, my wife’s cancer is out of the question.


2cent, I have a question - if you refuse to buy insurance then get really sick, do you intend to take advantage of ObamaCare to purchase insurance that covers your pre-existing condition?


No. (But I’m not sure if they allow you to refuse medical treatment in prisons. LOL)

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