Winter storm?

Who else is getting hammered by snow? I just ran the snow blower for 2 hours and can’t keep up.
We’re supposed to get 9 inches

It’s all due to global warming.

There are stories in Fox (Yes, you can have your political organism now) that wind mills are frozen in Texas which are resulting in rolling blackouts because fossil fuel backups are not available at the risk of lives. Green energy is more expensive and not reliable. Liberals crowed about how great windmills and solar panels are now see what they are getting.

You can try to make it about that if you want, but most of their power comes from natural gas and coal, which are both also frozen to the point inoperability. Per Governor Abbott.

Abbot is covering his butt. He just got an award from the windmill industry.

I don’t support Republican politician excuses the way you guys circle the wagons around guys like Newsome of California and Coumo of New York.

Billy, it couldn’t actually be the grid could it?? or lack of planning???

The GOP leadership of Texas was slammed on Monday after a winter storm knocked out power across the state.

“The state’s electric grid operator lost control of the power supply Monday morning as 2 million Texas households didn’t have heat or other electric appliances working at home as a massive winter storm delivered freezing temperatures across the state,” the Texas Tribune reported Monday.

“When the state’s grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, began implementing rolling blackouts at 1:25 a.m. Monday, the outages were intended to be implemented on a rolling basis — up to 45 minutes per affected area, according to the ERCOT,” the Tribune explained.

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Texas blasted for Republicans’ ‘typical yee-haw thinking’ after 2 million lose power in snowstorm - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

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It seems he was covering himself, but not in the way you thought. He insinuated it was windmills and off-handedly mentioned natural gas/coal. Today we learn from ERCOT that it was initially about 30GW of power offline. 26 from natural gas/coal, 4 from wind.

But hey, it could also be 0 of both of they’d winterize their pipes and windmills. So it’s a lot less the fault of the source of power, and more the lack of preparation from Texas.

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What we’re witnessing is anti-renewable energy propaganda at worst, Texas Republicans trying to deflect blame at best. For goodness sake, wind turbines are an increasingly large part of the power grid in antarctica, where it’s regularly -80F. To try to blame the technology is misguided.

The problems in Texas are not propaganda at all; it’s truth and a harbinger of what’s ahead for us under the progressives.

California, which is the capital of government mismanagement, is showing us the future. Rolling blackouts have become the norm there when demand is high because the state leaders “have gone green.” In fact they have passed the buck to other states to supply them with electricity so that the “dirty fossil fuel plants” are not within its “pristine borders.” When supplies are tight the capacity is not available within their state.

The truth, under the current technology, windmills and solar panels can’t meet the demand. Since the progressives are going to do all they can to prevent the construction fossil fuel plants, the shortages are only going to get worse. New York State, the other progressive meca for bad government, is facing the same problem.

Where will this lead us? Pull out your history books and read about life in the old Soviet Union. The standard of living will be diminished for the vast majority of people while high government officials and those who buy their favors will be living well. This is the true face and results of the so-called “progressive system.” It is, in fact, highly regressive.

You’re mistaken. The Texas grid is deregulated and its own state system. this has nothing to do with progressives, leftists, socialist or communists.

Winter Storm Uri: Texas power grid failure forces rolling blackouts across the state - Vox

Texas governor slammed for blaming blackouts on ‘Green New Deal’ hours after admitting frozen gas lines were the culprit - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

However, as the report noted, “The governor’s arguments were contradicted by his own energy department, which outlined how most of Texas’s energy losses came from failures to winterize the power-generating systems, including fossil fuel pipelines.” ERCOT, the operator of the Texas power grid, has made clear that the main culprit is failing instruments at coal, gas, and nuclear plants. In fact, wind farms exceeded the forecasted daily power output and are expected to recover full capacity faster than other energy sources.