Wipe Them Out!


I’m new to this forum and I’m sure that somewhere in here there are post concerning the biased news media and how bad they are. So let me first apologize if this has been addressed before.

The news media, Dead Tree Edition and Broadcast, has been going down hill ever since the ascension of the internet. I think I heard somewhere that MSNBC has 50K viewers at most on some of their shows. Newspaper prices have gone up considerably. Advertising, obituaries, announcements, etc. are also high. They all seem to be treading water and ready to go down for the last time.

The Big 3, NBC, CBS and ABC news programs ratings are getting worse all the time. I don’t think I know anyone personally who even watches them at all.

My point is. If there was some one out there, and I know that this is a stretch, who could come up with a nationally syndicated Conservative, or even truthful and unbiased, newspaper (distributed like USA Today). That would send the liberal newspapers to their grave. I know I would subscribe in a heart beat.

Fox News already has everything in place to have a competing evening news show that would put the Big 3 down for the count. (Just please, find someone else to host, not Shepard Smith.) Just report the news, be truthful, no agenda. I can’t believe Rupert Murdoch hasn’t already thought about it. Even a show about what’s Right with America up against the news shows would maybe send them a message.

I don’t know if this is possible or not, and if you think it is, what do we need to do and how do we get this going?


I honestly don’t think the networks and printed papers are as relevant as they used to be. With cable and internet people are not limited to what the antenna can pickup and rating are dropping and subscriptions are falling.

Might be oversimplifying it a bit but that’s what I think.


I know that they are still being watched and read by people who actually believe what they see. How else do you explain the poll numbers. Are they all just ill-informed or are they socialist who would love to see this country destroyed. When the media comes out and says that Republican want to take away Soc. Sec. and make grandma eat dog food instead of buying their medicine. Too many people believe that and we will lose again. How else will we be able to overcome the lies.


Talk. To friends, family, strangers, everyone. Expose the corruption. I think, and hope, American voters are tired of being deceived.


Totally agree with the host not being Shep. I really can’t stand the dude.

Brett Baer (sp?) I think would do, with any of their typically smokin hot news babes as the co-anchor.


I think he’s a moderate. He does say some pretty strange stuff.


If you mean Shep, I lost all respect for him as a person during his coverage of Katrina.

Those were Americans he declined to help. Screw journalism, you have fellow Americans in dire straits, you have the means, you have the ability… give a hand, and have your film crew film you giving a hand.


I explain them by pointing out the those corrupt “news” organization manufacture results to drive stories.

I don’t disagree that competition is good though. I just think as time goes by, network television will continue to be less and less relevant. Numbers are tanking so if people are still not informed it’s more than just networks and newspapers.

Tiny’s advice is a key to things as well.


I think it started long before the Internet. Look at what happened to Goldwater. For that fact look back to Truman, anyone that ran against FDR. I don’t know as much off hand except the press never went after Wilson for locking up decenters. I’m inclined the say that the percentage of bias has risen steeply since Reagan’s first term.