Wisconsin company announces layoffs ahead of Biden arrival


Bad news will greet Vice President Joe Biden when he arrives in Wisconsin Thursday night. Hours earlier, Oshkosh’s largest employer announced that it will lay off 450 employees in January.
Oshkosh Corp., a truck manufacturer with Pentagon contracts, blamed the “difficult decisions” on looming cuts to the nation’s defense budget.
"As Oshkosh and others in the defense industry have discussed on numerous occasions, domestic military vehicle production volumes will decline significantly in 2013 due to the reduction in U.S. defense budgets and the fact that military spending is returning to **peacetime levels

Wisconsin company announces layoffs ahead of Biden arrival | WashingtonExaminer.com

**The world is aflame and our people are being killed so why the rush to reduce the military? Fighting is flaring up and escalating.

Obama has asked companies and the military not to reveal layoffs until after the election and apparently this outfit jumped the gun. I am sure Biden will make a joke about it.