Wisconsin parade

I finally saw a picture of the dude who did this; and it hit home that it was a black person. The media won’t talk about this.

All I know, is that if a white person would have done this, there would be NO END to white supremacy rants and cries of racism. Right now the lefties are just wringing their hands hoping to GOD some white person kills someone else so they can go about spinning their narrative.

There were clips of a TV reporter telling an eye witness that he should careful about saying that the guy was a person of color. Did the reporter think that the fact would never be reported? Probably not if we have to depend on the main stream media.

ABC News ran repot on the Rittenhouse verdict. The one fact that they left out was that the guy who got shot in the arm admitted in court testimony that he had pointed a loaded gun at Rittenhouse. This is the kind of rotten reporting you get from these “professional journalists.”

Can you image what it would have like if the killer had been wearing a MAGA hat?

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There are no longer “journalists,” just individuals with agenda driven opinions. “Reporters” are basically what is found at the bottom of a cesspool. IMO


Sorry, what is it the media needs to talk about, specifically? When I google this case on CNN it’s pretty obvious he’s black. Are you suggesting that his actions were racially motivated? I mean, I admit I don’t know what his motivations are, do you?

The only recent instance I can think of in recent memory where a white guy is involved in a mass rundown of civilians is Charlottesville VA and the white guy that ran people over at an anti-racism rally in that instance was a self-described Neo Natzi.

Is there another case of a white man running people over who was falsely accused of being racist?

Are you saying this guy in Charlottesville didn’t deserve to be called a racist?

This sounds like something you are simply making up so that you can engender white sympathy.

… you are beyond hope and living in a fictional world

That’s a weak reply. Just admit that you can’t articulate a response instead of accusing me of “living in a fictional world” as a way to avoid a discussion.

He sometimes can’t snap out of Satire other than that he’s one of the better ones to debate up here. They all freeze up and repeat when they feel they’ve lost an argument. Boy when they have the winning side they pin you hard.

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Let’s say Rittenhouse was a black kid. Let’s look at what the narrative would have been.

A black kid legally brandishing a fire arm in defense of white people trying to kill him. He would be a national hero, and lefties would all of the sudden be in 100% support of firearms. Republicans would support him as well. Because we don’t turn every situation into a race thing. It’s a human thing.

And we believe people should be treated equally despite their color. Unlike lefties, who believe every interaction ever is predicated on skin color before everything else.

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But I’m just being stupid, yeah rittenhouse is a white supremacist murderer and the only thing going on inside his head is how to shoot as many colored folks as possible. He’s part of the reason white people need to just be genocided until the world is free from oppression.

If Rittenhouse had been Black, the Democrats would not have heralded him as a national hero, @gutsandcasca. They would have reluctantly agreed that he had a right to defend himself, but the main thrust would have been that he was an “Uncle Tom” sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong. There would have been some conservatives who would have rushed to his side, but the “Progressives” would have treated him as a half crazy outlier.

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