Witness: Davis police officer was ambushed by bystander who then targeted ‘random people’


Yes, an Illegal!

Suspect in Newman officer’s slaying was wanted man for nearly 4 years
(Illegal Alien)

[center]Officer Natalie Corona[/center]


No. You’re conflating two separate events. The Newman shooting is a completely different event from the Davis shooting. The shooter in the Davis incident who killed Natalie Corona is being described as a white male in his 20s.

This is a serious tragedy. I live in Davis, and actually saw Officer Corona just a few days ago. She was 22 years old, on her first solo patrol.


I put the “Yes, an Illegal!” in the wrong place.

I didn’t want to create two separate posts for the police killings so I put them both in the same message.

Thanks for the heads up.


Ok, to be clear, the person who killed 22 year old officer Natalie Corona was not an illegal immigrant. It was a white male.


…who may ALSO have been an illegal immigrant. Where is it written that an illegal immigrant MUST be “Hispanic,” Chinese or African??? Sounds pretty racist to me, J. Anderson.


Sounds pretty reaching to me, PD. Give it up. Silliesis acknowledged that she confused her post. Just because J.Anderson said “white male” (his reasons for doing so not withstanding) doesn’t mean we have to go on a Democrat-Russia-Probe-style witch hunt for an illegal alien connection where there’s no known evidence.


The shooter has been identified as Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, a local man who had apparently lost his job and had piled up some credit card debt. His motive for this insane shooting is unknown.


Yeah, hard to understand the crazy. Maybe he was trying for “suicide by cop”…? I have no love for the police, but I’m not about to go shooting any of them.


The shooter had been arrested fairly recently for assault, and police had confiscated an assault rifle from him. They found a note on his bed that he believed the Davis Police Department had been targeting him with “sonic rays.”

A 22 year old officer died because of this. A lot of questions that need answers here.