Woke DA in Austin, Texas prosecutes police officers doing their jobs during the 2020 riots

As if the police don’t have enough to worry about when they are doing their jobs, we now have a Woke DA in Austin, Texas who is indicting them over their conduct during the 2020 summertime riots there. The officers were instructed to not use their guns, but instead used bean bags to break up the demonstrators. Some of the demonstrators were injured because the bean bags were defective. Apparently, the police brass was aware of this, but went through with it anyway.

If anyone deserves to be prosecuted it should be the people at the top. But no. This woke DA is going after the rank and file officers, the people who can least afford such actions.

Here is a picture of this individual and the part of the write-up from his website. You will note the usual “progressive” language.

*José Garza was elected Travis County District Attorney on November 3, 2020.
As a former federal public defender, immigrant rights activist, and leader of the systemic change organization, Workers Defense Project, José Garza has a unique view into how our broken criminal justice system works and how it impacts our communities. He believes we can fix it together.

I know that this person is a hero for many of you “Progressive Democrats,” but for those of us who are sick of this crime wave that making many of our major cities unlivable, activists like this are most unwelcome.

You can go back to old line from the '60s.

“The next time you are in trouble, call a hippie”

Well, here’s the hippie.