Wokeness and Debt: Tied for Biggest Threat

We all know that the debt is the biggest threat to America. Why? Once the interest on the debt consumes the budget then it is all over, total collapse, an Economic Armageddon that will make the Great Depression (1929 to 1939) and the collapse of 2008 look like a day at Disneyland.

But what about Wokeness?

A military man enlightened me to this danger: Wokeness attacks and destroys the military on two fronts:

First:: For those who do not bite into it, they see how evil the nation is becoming and they will decide not to serve. Why risk your life for an evil Marxist regime that promotes and supports all manner of evil.
Second:: For the dummies who do bite, you will have the same problem. They see America as built on slavery, inherently racist, a total racist system that must be torn down and rebuilt, and they too will not give their lives for what they see as white supremacist institutions.

It is genius, evil genius. And it is happening already.

The Left is destroying the fabric of the nation, destroying the economy, and will leave us defenseless by destroying the military, which we cannot even afford anyways.

The Left - The Democrats - are the enemy of America… I will continue to shout this aloud until enough people wake up, or until I am the last man standing.

And even though you softies here do not like to hear it, the committed Leftists in this forum are your ENEMY! Their votes are destroying your homeland and obliterating the futures of your children and grandchildren. WAKE THE **** UP.

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