Woman charged with murder as hate crime after allegedly shoving man into subway train


Woman charged with murder as hate crime after allegedly shoving man in front of subway

Last Updated: 1:12 AM, December 30, 2012
Posted: 12:26 PM, December 29, 2012

A Muslim-hating woman was charged with murder as a hate crime for senselessly shoving a Queens man to his death in front of the 7 train, officials said today.

Erika Menendez, 31, was hit with a second-degree murder charge after confessing to killing Sunando Sen, 46, following her arrest this morning.

“She is accused of committing a subway commuter’s worst nightmare," Queens DA Richard Brown said. "(He was) suddenly and senselessly pushed into the path of an oncoming train, shoved from behind with no chance to defend himself.

“She told police that she pushed a Muslim off the train tracks. She said, ‘I’ve hated Hindus and Muslims since 2001 since they put down the Twin Towers. I have been beating them up since.’”

What an ignorant bigoted moron! It’s going to be interesting to see how the MSM report this, to the degree they do. The accused is: Hispanic; homeless; mentally ill. All three are usually very PC. The MSM seem so agenda-driven these days that I wonder if they could straight-up report a story that is so inconsistent with their preferred agendas as this one is.


It’s worse because her willful ignorance and judgement got an innocent man killed. Gah she’s just too stupid.


By next week she will be reported as an “angry Tea Party member”.


[quote=“RET423, post:3, topic:37646”]
By next week she will be reported as an “angry Tea Party member”.


If she prefers coffee, would that make her a Seattle expat?


The unsavory thing is that it’s a real possibility.


Woman charged with pushing Indian immigrant under train and killing him 'attacked 9/11 hero nine years ago’
By Helen Pow, Snejana Farberov and Mike Jaccarino
PUBLISHED: 00:52 EST, 31 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:52 EST, 31 December 2012

A New York fire chief revealed today that he was attacked by Erika Menendez, the deranged woman who pushed a man to his death on the Subway on Thursday,

Daniel Conlisk, a retired Battalion Chief who battled to save lives in the Twin Towers, said he too had been attacked by Menendez, who is claiming she killed Sen because of her hatred of muslims post 9/11.

Conlisk was taking out the trash at his home in Ridgewood, Queens, when he says Menendez attacked him from nowhere.

'I was going out with the recyclables. It was dark out. Then this girl was standing there in front of me. She was shouting, ‘You f—ed my mother!’ ’ Conlisk told the newspaper.

‘She started charging at me. She started clawing me in the face. I was trying to get away from her.’

I’m thinking this will make it difficult to make the “Hate Crime” charge stick, and I suspect this may be but the first of multiple similar incidents/outbursts. Prosecuting her at all may be rendered almost impossible. While this woman may not have the capacity to fully plan out in advance a murder like she the one committed: she knew she killed a human being; she knew that pushing the man into the train would almost certainly kill him; she proved she knew the killing was wrong by “explaining” it; with an “excuse” with which she thought NYCers might be sympathetic. I’ll admit being skeptical of the “Insanity Defense”, but her actions tell me she knew what she was doing and that she knew it was wrong.