Woman who claimed Brett Kavanaugh raped her now says she made the whole thing up


Well, well, well …

pdf doc

For some reason, the link to bream’s page shows as an image?

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I want to wait for a more substantial report before I take this seriously.


Heh, that’s how I felt about the original accisations…


You overlooked the pdf report?
How much more substantial can it be?


It would be great if these women get into a big legal hassle over this. Using a a dirty black lie to ruin a public figure’s reputation is reprehensible. The courts almost always ignore the slander aspects of these situations. Getting legally whacked for making up stuff like this would send a message that it is not something you do lightly in the future.


I think the problem here is that unless it’s blatently clear it was a made-up story (or admittedly made-up, like this woman did here), it’s very difficult to tell if it happened or not.

Here’s why:

Many woman don’t report these things because they are covinced nothing will be done. And often, that’s true.

Rape, unless all the elements are present, is very hard to prove.

Years ago, in my LEO days, I was on the “pussy posse”. Our job was to comb the pubic hairs of an alleged victim. That alone will keep some women from reporting . . . very degrading and disgusting stuff.

I’m not siding with those who claim all men are guilty until proven innocent, but I can see why some women don’t report a rape.


And in MY LEO days, I discovered that virtually HALF of all such accusations were as phony as “I did not have sex with that woman…” Women and even some girls KNOW that they can make those accusations and will IMMEDIATELY believed…“Because women NEVER lie about such things”…which is–and remains–utter BS.


I didn’t see one in your post; just a Twitter post. If it’s there and substantial, then this is a new can of worms (or ought to be, not that the MSM will touch it with ten-light-year pole).