Wonder drug against covid: Ivermectin

There’s a group of doctors claiming that the drug Ivermectin is so effective against covid19 that it’s essentially a wonder drug that can cure almost all cases and prevent almost all deaths. This is based on a lot of recent studies. It’s unethical to not use it widely.

But I asked my doctor for a prescription last week and he said no.

Has anyone seen this drug work against covid? Are you able to get it?

I’m somewhat familiar with it, it’s typically used to treat parasites. Looking into this a bit, it seems like it may have some potential. It works really well in vitro, but that’s not great evidence to take it. Though it does appear to have some effects against viral infections generally in humans so it probably could be helpful.

Interesting avenue here, but I don’t think you’ll be able to find a doctor who will prescribe it until it’s more directly tested. This one could be easier than others to get approval for off label use though because it’s relatively safe to take.

I know it’s a long video, but the doctors made two key responses about your point. One, they cited many studies that have been done around the world, including a number of randomized trials, with unanimously incredible results. Two, it works so well that it would be unethical (their word) to give placebos when this drug is so safe and so proven.


The only wonder drug I know against covid is rioting. And looting.

So two fail safe methods to completely get rid of the C