Wonderful puzzle game!


For lovers of music(not modern music, sorry), seek and find games and puzzles, this game is wonderful! Musaic Box is a wind up music box puzzle. You must find the patterns that the puzzle pieces fit into. Then you must fit the pieces together to play the tune. Each piece is a part of the score and when you correctly fit them together the song is played. You do not have to join the site to play, but you may have to, to save if you do not complete it. It’s free anyway and no spam. Give it a try if you like music and puzzles!

Play Musaic Box, a free online game on Kongregate


Oh, I do love puzzles and music! Thanks, Perks! Haven’t clicked the link, but will bookmark to get back to when time/mood permits.


It won’t go past, “Click on the Chair.” :frowning: ???


Click on the chair then the piece of paper. The paper should go into your diary. If it doesn’t work try this link. Musaic Box - Elite Games Click on “Click to play in full size”


Played last night. Went rather quickly. What’s sorry, is I can no long remember the tune! lol.
Different, though. Enjoyed it.


I loved it TP!! I knew most of the tunes. Yankee Doodle stumped me for awhile.