Words of a famous republican


Dear Suh,
A historical Frenchman, Napoleon Bonapart, was a great soldier and a died in the wool French Republican. He also had many quotes for warfare, when the odds were against him and his fellow Republicans needed courage and guidance. And, Son, we need it in these days! Here are a few pertinent comments by the “Little Corporal” that present day Republicans can use:

**“It is better to have a known enemy than a forced ally” Mr Trump, please heed this word when choosing your vice president.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he (or she) is making a mistake.” Keep your comments gentlemanly and watch Hillary…we can count on her!

“The morale is to the physical as three to one.” ALL Republicans need to rally and get your chins up! We can win this thing! Let’s have some POSITIVE SUPPORT for our candidate!!! Not everybody liked Nappy, but they stood “shoulder to shoulder like the boy’s of the Old Brigade”.