World Series 2013

Are any of you going to watch the World Series this year? It starts tonight!

I grew up in New England and so belong to Red Sox Nation even as I now camp out in a National League city. I’m particularly interested this year because I want to see Shane Victorino, one of my all-time favorite Phils and a good guy, get another ring.

I am hoping Beltran can get a ring. It was a nice catch he had to rob Ortiz of a grand slam. From what I have heard so far, he suffered bruised ribs from the wall. I thought it might be worse when he left the game and went to the hospital for x-rays. Other than his catch, the rest of the game was pretty ugly for the Cardinals. They were botching routine plays and the pitching basically looked like batting practice for the Redsox.

The Cardinals won and the series is tied 1-1! The next game is Saturday in St. Louis. I believe this will end up being a good series and may go to seven games.

Not overtly focused on these two teams this year I’m afraid, still a 7-game series is usually good to see.

I’m not a Boston fan, but I like the nostalgia of the team in the playoffs. The Cardinals are exciting, too, so I am interested in this series. I hope Beltran can get a ring and this is his first World Series after all these years he played. I really don’t follow baseball, except for the beginning of the year and then the pennant races through the playoffs and World Series.

I’m pretty much SF Giants and Oakland A’s (in that order), but they didn’t make it, also I’d watch the Cubs if they ever made just because…it’s the Cubs that’s like the ultimate underdog.

The World Series last year was pretty decent with the Giants. I can’t believe they overcame a 3-1 deficit against the Cardinals in the NLCS. Regarding the Cubs, their best chance was around 2004, I believe, when they lost to the Marlins in the NLCS. They had Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Sosa, Gonzales that year and a 3-2 series lead. The final two games were at Wrigley with Prior and Wood for game six and game seven if necessary. The odds were incredibly in the Cubs’ favor, but the Marlins won. The foul ball incident in game six got the Cubs off track. If that didn’t get in their heads, they would’ve won.

Ah yes, the Giant’s bad habit of torturing their fans by almost losing…I wish I could’ve been there to see it but I’d already left SF by 2012. Now in 2010 I still lived in the Bay Area and it was their first win since moving from the east coast back in the 50s, the playoffs were less dramatic than 2012 but the celebration was HUGE. I was at game 1 and even managed to (accidentally) make it into the stadium without a ticket, that was a fun year.

I used to cheer and wear Red Sox gear, but now when I see them I can’t help but jeer.
Why you say? Because of that Day they chose to be gay, and flew rainbow flags to celebrate queers.

So I end my poem sadly I’m going
To turn off the TV
Because they offend me.

Looks like a good World Series shaping up. Kudos to Beltran for gutting it out and getting back in the lineup - and delivering a couple of key hits. Wacha’s now won four postseason games - matching the four he won in the regular season. Now it’s up to Buchholz to get the Sox back in it.