World Vision Works to End Global Water Crisis With Innovative Manual Pump


World Vision Works to End Global Water Crisis With Innovative Manual Pump
By Katherine Weber
Christian Post Reporter
March 22, 2013|4:59 pm

World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian organization, has been working for nearly three decades to bring clean water to the most remote areas of the world, and with the invention of a manual, smaller plastic pump, the relief organization is hoping to expand its clean water outreach even farther.

The pump, according to Randy Strash, World Vision’s water, sanitation, and hygiene strategist, consists of a small, plastic PVC pipe and PVC fittings which costs only $25 to assemble, compared to $700 to $800 for standard stainless steel pumps previously used in many parts of the world

The pump’s technology was developed by Water4, an initiative founded in 2008 and dedicated to eradicating the global water crisis by equipping communities in Central America, Africa and parts of Asia with the supplies and knowledge needed to drill their own wells.

This pump is a small but vital piece in the larger effort to bring pure water to less developed parts of the world: hand powered (electricity not needed!), inexpensive, easy to operate and maintain. It’s not the whole solution - wells must be drilled, the well water most be safe (ask Bangladesh about that!) - but this is an important piece of the puzzle. And with an organization like World Vision distributing it (no doubt, others will follow suit), this pump could become very available, and help some countries’ economies as local businesses are formed to build the pump.