World War three on the horrizon


With the growing fighting going on all over the world by muslim groups with some nations stepping up to try to stop it and others permitting the influx of muslim " refugees" with the acts of terrorism increasing in those nations.

Russia has stated that the conflict is growing and unless nations really step up this will escalate to a war that will span many countries.

Under obama’s tutelage we went from Afghanistan being relatively quiet to blood baths. In Iraq we abandoned that nation to be over run by elements bent on ethic cleaning as well as destroying artifacts. We helped overthrow Gaddafi and now are bent on removing Assad from Syria. In Egypt we welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood.

We always side with those “freedom fighters” who turn out to be ISIS or another of the multiple terror groups working in the regions.

These blood baths will continue until there is a willingness do what is necessary


… This isn’t a World War, the title is hyperbolic.

1st world nations punching down at a handful of 3rd world ****holes compares nothing to the times when powerful 1st world alliances combated each other.


[quote=“Alaska_Slim, post:2, topic:48265”]
… This isn’t a World War, the title is hyperbolic.

1st world nations punching down at a handful of 3rd world ****holes compares nothing to the times when powerful 1st world alliances combated each other.


No, I understood you perfectly Sam, it’s just, that I understand your words to be hyperbolic.

Unless you’re postulating Muslims will take over a part of the 1st world, say, Europe, and use their militaries, their weapons, their resources to wage war on the rest of the world, your point is faulty on its face.

If it’s just random militants going around killing people, that’s not a World War. That’s just insurgent dickery, like what Sri Lanka experienced for decades from the Tamil Tigers.


Well, if war is using weapons of war to kill people on a large scale to advance your nation or agenda, then I’d say the world is at war.


And see; that’s the clincher.

The “scale” here, all things held equal, is minuscule.

21,000 people died during the Syrian Civil War last year. In total. That’s all the civilian deaths, all combatants, From ISIS, to al-Nusra, to the Syrian Government, to the Russians, to the Kurds, and NATO.

Now compare this to the fighting around the Pusan perimeter during the Korean war, where just as many people died inside a month.

It puts things into perspective. The Jihadis, in a failed state with all the manpower and weapons they can muster, with practical free rein to kill whomever they wish, still fail to measure up to casualties inflicted during skirmishes in the Forgotten War.

If I move up to World War numbers; the picture becomes even more stark. There were battles in WWI and II that killed ~21,000 people in a single day. A notable defeat to the British, the Battle of the Somme, killed well over twice that many, again, in a single day.

Even if ISIS managed to spread their operatives to more 1st world nations, even if they were committing something like the Paris Attacks every month; they’d still be behind by more than a factor of 20x to the casualties the World Wars caused to the people of Europe.

I don’t wish to undermine the threat ISIS presents, but we should be clear on what precisely that threat is. ISIS is a regional power that has successfully compelled sympathy and support from groups from around the world. They are very much like the Tamil Tigers, who, until ISIS arose, were the most deadly terrorist organization on record (even more than Al Qaeda.)

The power they wield however, is nothing like that of the Imperial Japanese, Nazi Germany or the German Reich. In conventional terms, they are very weak, not even strong enough to take on or defeat any of the Middle Eastern powers in a outright war, and nothing on the “Horizon” is set to change that.


Putin is a lot of things, but he’s not suicidal, nor is he stupid. I worry a lot more about a nuke being smuggled in some cargo container in L.A. harbor than America and Russia going to war.

Of course, there’s always the chance of an accidental nuclear exchange, which has almost happened on several occasions.