World's Shortest Books


From my email:

                                                                                                                          [FONT=times new roman]                                                                                                                    [FONT=arial]                                                                      [FONT=times new                                      roman]                                        I                                          understand that you don't have                                          a ton of extra time to read                                          books, so, I've compiled a                                          short list of books that can                                          be read at a single sitting.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        World's                                                          Shortest Books 
                                                      THINGS I LOVE                                                          ABOUT MY                                                          COUNTRY
                                                      > By Jane                                                          Fonda &                                                          Cindy Sheehan
                                                      >                                                          Illustrated by                                                          Michael Moore
                                                      Foreword by                                                          George Soros
                                                      MY CHRISTIAN                                                          ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                      & HOW I                                                          HELPED AFTER                                                          KATRINA
                                                      > By Rev                                                          Jesse Jackson                                                          & Rev Al                                                          Sharpton
                                                      THINGS I LOVE                                                          ABOUT BILL
                                                      By Hillary                                                          Clinton
                                                      Sequel: THINGS                                                          I LOVE ABOUT                                                          HILLARY
                                                      By Bill                                                          Clinton
                                                      THINGS I                                                          CANNOT AFFORD
                                                      By Bill Gates
                                                      THINGS I WOULD                                                          NOT DO FOR                                                          MONEY
                                                      By Dennis                                                          Rodman
                                                      THINGS WE KNOW                                                          TO BE TRUE
                                                      By Al Gore                                                          & John                                                          Kerry

                                                      GUIDE TO:  THE                                                          PACIFIC
                                                      By Amelia                                                          Earhart
                                                      HOW TO LIVE                                                          LIFE TO THE                                                          FULLEST
                                                      By Dr. Jack                                                          Kevorkian
                                                      TO ALL THE MEN                                                          WE HAVE LOVED                                                          BEFORE
                                                      By Ellen de                                                          Generes &                                                          Rosie                                                          O'Donnell
                                                      GUIDE TO                                                          DATING                                                          ETIQUETTE
                                                      By Mike Tyson
                                                      THE AMISH                                                          PHONE                                                          DIRECTORY
                                                      MY PLAN TO                                                          FIND THE REAL                                                          KILLERS
                                                      By O. J.                                                          Simpson
                                                      HOW TO DRINK                                                          & DRIVE                                                          SAFELY
                                                      By Ted Kennedy
                                                      MY BOOK OF                                                          MORALS
                                                      By Bill                                                          Clinton
                                                      With                                                          introduction                                                          by
                                                      The Rev. Jesse                                                          Jackson
                                                      HOW TO WIN A                                                          SUPERBOWL
                                                      BY THE DETROIT                                                          LIONS
                                                      My Complete                                                          Knowledge of                                                          Military                                                          Strategy
                                                      By Nancy                                                          Pelosi

                                                      MY                                                          BLACK                                                          GIRLFRIENDS
                                                      By Tiger Woods
                                                      AND,                                                          JUST ADDED: 
                                                      And the                                                          shortest book                                                          of them all...
                                                      THINGS I DID                                                          TO DESERVE THE                                                          NOBEL PEACE                                                          PRIZE
                                                      By Barack                                                          Obama



:rofl: Although the Amelia Earhart one is wrong on so many levels lol


I loled as well.