Worst drug experience

The worst one is a tie for me.

The second time I did shrooms (2009), and thought a ruffled up blanket in my moms room was her dead.

One time I got laced marijuana, not sure but I was in the bathroom hyper ventilating (2007) thinking my brain was melting out my nose and I’m like that doesn’t even make scientific sense dude. I called my dad and he sounded like a robot, like robotic computer speech. That was a bad 90 minutes.

Haven’t done drugs since I dunno when mainly quit in 2011. I had a few shrooms and joints that year, but it was always a. train wreck. Smoked pot like thrice since it was legal here (2018) even a tiny hit was a train wreck. Never was a beer or booze guy. Few times that’s it. Never did any hard stuff except some RCs and ADD Tablets.

It would be the antibiotic shot I got in the rear, only it was much to high (almost the small of my back) and the nurse hit a nerve that ran down my leg. I literally couldn’t walk for three days.

Sorry, never don’t illicit drugs. Watched to many people growing up screw up their lives doing drugs just decided that wasn’t for me…

what kinda person starts a topic like this?

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a bored one… I could play up my altruistic side or my degenerate side. I chose the secondary.