Would I be sick and twisted to agree with Donald Trump's proposal?


If I don’t object to Trump’s proposal to bar all muslims from entering America, I guess I’m a sick, twisted or evil person, am I? I also chat on Facebook with a buddy of mine overseas in the UK, he is a big supporter of UKIP and Nigel Farage, I read that they also agree with Trump’s proposal, or at least they won’t object to it.

I will never actively speak out about it on my own, but in my mind, I would have no objection to it.
Question**: Do you want to live in America where White European descendants and even their western friends are the minority? What about Christians? Or whatever? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


He botched it. He should have said aliens from Muslim countries and pretty much everyone on the GOP side would have agreed.


During WW II, we deported Japanese, German and even some Italians who were here on expired visas, refused to renew those that had run out for these groups and HALTED issuing new visas for people from those countries with whom we are at war. A SENSIBLE thing to do, in my opinion. I don’t think it was right or prudent to incarcerate Japanese-Americans, however, but that’s not what Trump (or anyone else) is proposing. He (and many others who don’t have their heads in the sand) is proposing that we deport Muslims here illegally, non-citizens, criminals and NOT accept any “refugees” from Muslim countries in which Jihadis have a significant presence. That’s only PRUDENT and should be implemented until someone can show us how we can distinguish a Jihadi Muslim from a “Peaceful” Muslim by looking at them.


First he said “all Muslims” and no qualifiers and one of his spokespersons confirmed “all Muslims”. Evidently someone reminded him of the constitution and the next day he walked it back a bit.


Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to ban them. I’ve dealt with them on their soil.


This would have sounded more PC but the simple facts are:

  1. All terrorists, at the present time and in our current war, are Moslems.

  2. Not all Moslems, or Moslem terrorists, carry passports from Moslem countries.

Trump’s proposal is a wholesale approach to the problem but, as he has stated, a temporary freeze until we can figure out a way to effectively deal with the problem. As it stands now we have the Obama administration setting the vetting standards. Almost everyone agrees that they are incompetent, sinister or both.

Even though your phraseology would have been more PC, the left would have still labelled it as racist and hateful. The problem is that Donald Trump is the only Republican who says, in effect, “Foxtrot PC” every time he opens his mouth. Republicans are scared of whatever the beltway media tells them they should be scared of. Pitiful.


True but he should have somehow excluded US citizens who happen to be Muslim. You can’t just suddenly prevent them coming back home without due process.


ABC 17 News reported early Wednesday that 100 prepaid cell phones were purchased at two Missouri Walmarts over the weekend, which caused concerned employees to report the incidents to authorities.

More suspicious phone purchases reported in Mid-Missouri | Local News - Home


Of course it is forbidden to report if the buyers were or were not of Middle Eastern appearance. That would be racist and hateful but also very useful information.

We must destroy PC!


Easy. Phone numbers are assigned–even to “pre-paid” phones. Simply give the police all of those numbers and when the phones are turned on, they can be traced as to location. Pre-paid phones DO have GPS capability…at least those that I know about do.


He never stated or implied that it would apply to Moslem U.S. citizens.


[quote=“old_dog, post:11, topic:47941”]
He never stated or implied that it would apply to Moslem U.S. citizens.
[/quote]The first day he said all muslims. When asked to clarify a spokkesperson confirmed he meant all. What is it about the word all that you don’t understand?


Are you really going to try this again? Have you learned nothing from the last 6 times you played the “lets add a few things to Trumps position” card?

The entire event was centered around immigration and YOU KNOW IT, what keeps making you think that everyone else is clueless to the context of Trumps remarks?

The necessity to lie in order to oppose something should be a red flag, those with motives they are proud of never have to invent narratives to push their agenda.


I thank Trump for raising the issue. It forced a lot of people to put their cards on the table. I do not believe that there is a simple solution to be found. Government employees vetting people? There is no way a vetting process can be successful in stopping radicals from getting through the cracks. Who do we hire to do the job, experienced TSA workers? Perhaps if we really got our databases brought into this century and added some bio-metrics and crafted some new laws that included true tracking of immigrants and visa holders then maybe. And that would take our government 20 years to accomplish and it would be out of date by the time it was ready to go online.


Add to the mix now is stolen propane tanks so one has to wonder if we will see an act of terrorism soon.


I certainly don’t trust them, which is why we need a stop-halt to all immigration from all mid-eastern countries until the vetting process is cleaned up, and straightened out. (As in a ‘country of origin’, NOT the last country visited.)

That could take well over a year - more likely, more - because first we need to clean house. Then maybe we can get Congress to draw up a decent vetting process. Then we can address the possibility of opening immigration to them.

I don’t mind the wait.


He did no such thing

He should have said aliens from Muslim countries and pretty much everyone on the GOP side would have agreed.

WTF do you THINK “immigration” means? He specifically said “immigration of muslims until our representatives figure out what the HELL is going on”. You DO realize islam declared war on the West in general and US specifically over 200 years ago, right?

Pull your head out of the Alphabet Medias nether regions and LISTEN to what is being said.

Sheesh…I suppose you think he dissed all Mexicans a few months ago, too, don’tcha?


Here’s what I need to know:
1: Their “holy scriptures” instruct them to "lie to the infidel in order that you might subject him to shari’ah"
B: ISIS has stated that they will do whatever is necessary to infiltrate the refugee lines in order to invade Europe and the US and
iii: Since 9/11/2001 there have been ZERO instances of Jewish or Christian terrorism and 26,855 instances (and counting) of islamic terrorism

Furthermore, 9/11, San Bernardino, Ft Hood, Paris, and the Boston Marathon “incidents” were carried out by a grand total of 35 jihadists/terrorists. The Jug-Eared Marxist in the WH wants to let in a MINIMUM of 100 a month for the next 12 months and up to 5000 in the next 5 years. Those figures are based upon the general population of islam is comprised of merely ONE PERCENT jihadists/terrorists…I’ve been under the impression that the number is at LEAST 4 and up to 10 times higher.

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