Would Trump be a dictator?


Ok, I know we have a tonne of anti-Trump posts. Some of you support him, and that’s your prerogative, this isn’t any effort to shame. I am also becoming disappointed with Rubio lately with his strong language, I feel he has gone too far in trying to outTrump Trump. It is souring my opinion of him. I think he needs to attack Trump, the reading of his tweets is fine, but going after his physical characteristics really stoops down to his level.

The idea that Trump would be a dictator is a real concern. I give two examples. One, his flippant and impulsive comment about Speaker Ryan after Super Tuesday “if he doesn’t get along with me he’s going to have to pay a price, ok?”. He went from trying to be this calm, “unifier” with Christie doing a stare down to the back of his head, to a mad dog tossing threats around.

Secondly, his attitude that somehow the CIA and military will disregard the Geneva Convention and start killing family members of ISIS fighters. This is a topic I discussed some time ago and some on here didn’t know how to read his comments, he confirmed the suspicions last night, he would target and bomb family members of terrorists in the M.E. Indiscriminately. When he was challenged about the legality of it and even some on the Security Apparatus in the U.S proclaiming that the military would disobey his orders he stated “they will do what I tell them. That’s what a leader does”.

He is an extremely vulnerable candidate I must say. Some of these comments are going to come back to bite him, if not now, definitely in a general election.


…which is the whole PURPOSE of his candidacy, SC. He has little or no interest in BEING President. He’s in this to elect HILLARY! He’s wealthy enough that the damage this causes him can be ignored by him. He’ll have the thanks of the Clintons AND the DNC when this is all over and will undoubtedly receive a few “grants” and “loan guarantees” from a Clinton administration as pay-back, making up for what he’s spent in this run and then some.


If you think the US Military would just hand the country over to Trump to be America’s Sadaam, I think you are seriously underestimating the character of our armed forces.

Killing the family members of ISIS is totally different. A LOT of servicemen I know, think that’s exactly what we should do. Trump didn’t come up with this idea at random while eating a muffin. Literally the only people I’ve heard suggesting this for the last 10+ years, are all either serving, or veterans. Note that I’m not saying this is even a majority opinion, I don’t think it is. But they’re about the only ones who suggest it. And that’s because they’ve seen first hand how tying their hands to “save” civilians, can often get far more of them killed.


I am not a conspiracy guy, but I certainly did find it extremely odd that he was receiving the type of support from CNN that he was receiving in the beginning. To the point where even CNN loyalists have been showing their dismay, CNN has been constantly stating how they are balanced in their coverage and walking back from the fact they pushed Trump hard to improve ratings (since they constantly trail Fox News), I also found it odd that Trump has been much less active on Fox. I don’t know if he is a plant per se, but he is certainly a God Send to the Democrats. To the point that you can be sure many Conservatives would prefer Clinton to Trump (I didn’t say all, just many).

This being said, there must be laws in the U.S political interference if it is unveiled. You can be sure, if somehow Trump wins the nomination and gets sweetheart deals in his business dealings that the FBI will be watching him closely and acting appropriately. They take their own very seriously. Of course, there is still the very serious allegations against Clinton which have to be rectified and are ongoing. All of this, coupled with the seriousness of the state of Western democracy and economic growth makes this the most compelling election in decades.

My guess is that the GOP are going to push for a convention and try and place Rubio as their man. I don’t agree with this tactic as much as I like Rubio, it should be by the will of the people. However, this is a very unique situation, possibly as unique as it gets in politics. Consider this. If anyone can run as a Republican candidate, what would have prevented say Sanders from doing so? Or Charles Manson for that matter? There needs to be some qualifying characteristics of what constitutes a Republican and Democrat. In my opinion the full support of free market principles, low taxes, debt control and small government should be the absolute base of ideals. All other concepts freely discussed and negotiated, and in best case scenarios left to the states themselves to decide.


I have not heard one military leader speak about this on the record on any media source as yet. It is contrary to the Geneva convention. Whats next? Target murderers kids?

As I asked before, what constitutes “family”? Wives? Unborn children in the womb? Toddlers, grandmas? What if some of these terrorists have distant relatives in Europe or America?

This is a non-starter for me, and it will create a major rift between those in the establishment and military.


Today, military “leaders” are, first and foremost, politicians–or they would BE in leadership positions. Certainly not in THIS administration’s military.


Trump as a dictator!! LOLOL WHERE did you get that idea. DO YOU POSSIBLY think that he will be given the keys to the whole thing if he wins. He’ll have to fight the repubs and dems at every juncture. Only thing is…if he’s doing right, WE will clean out the house and the senate…and maybe that is what the problem is with the repubs. Their days are numbered as well as the dems. after all…elected office is nothing but a get outta jail free card so that they can fleece the American taxpayer as long as possible.

Rubio has shown himself to be a small small man…too young…which we knew, inexperienced which we can see. Who brought up this small hands/small penis thing. Mr Rubio. Not Mr. Trump. What do you expect Mr. Trump to do…play like loser Romney did in 2012? thank you but no. We Americans have been told for so long…the ugly American. It wasn’t so. But now someone is gonna see some of it.

The American people have been stomped on for the past 30 years. And the repubs have made promises that they never intended to keep. Looks to me like, the American people are shooing home those republican chickens. And they gonna be fried up KFC style.


I don’t think he has any idea of becoming a “dictator” because I don’t think he ever intended to be ELECTED in the first place! He’s in this race to get HILLARY into the Oval Office. He has two paths to do this. He can run as a 3rd Party candidate, hoping to split the GOP vote if he DOESN’T win the nomination and he can run as a maniac and THROW the election to Hillary if, by chance he IS nominated. Everyone seems to forget that Trump and the Clintons are CLOSE friends. Bill did it with the help of Perot…twice…and Hillary’s smart enough to get her good friend to help HER, too. You’ll notice that Trump has NEVER said much that’s critical of Hillary during the nominating process, even though he KNOWS she’ll be his opponent should he win the nomination.


I am still unclear if he was talking about deliberately targeting family members or not holding back attacks in cases where they are likely to become collateral damage. These are two different situations. Our avoidance of civilian casualties has become excessive. It is war, after all.


There will ALWAYS be civilian casualties in any war. It’s unavoidable. Our discomfort with it domestically has resulted in our instituting patently absurd rules of engagement, but it has also resulted in our development of extremely accurate weaponry. Watch “The Bridges of Toko-ri” sometime and compare those bombing runs with our being able to put a bomb though a particular WINDOW in a building or taking out a specific vehicle speeding along a road. There will especially be civilian casualties as long as the enemy intentionally puts military targets in close proximity–or even AMONG–civilians and civilian facilities. Saddam did that INTENTIONALLY, hoping that we’d not hit military targets for fear of “collateral damage.” So does ISIS.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:5, topic:48394”]
I have not heard one military leader speak about this on the record on any media source as yet. It is contrary to the Geneva convention. Whats next? Target murderers kids?

As I asked before, what constitutes “family”? Wives? Unborn children in the womb? Toddlers, grandmas? What if some of these terrorists have distant relatives in Europe or America?

This is a non-starter for me, and it will create a major rift between those in the establishment and military.
[/quote]“Family” would mean immediate family. Spouses, children, siblings, parents.

The Geneva convention is a piece of paper. If it’s failing to stop terrorism and something that violates it does, guess which one I think is better?


well PD I respect your opinion but I believe you are wrong here. They are not friends. They knew each other, barely. He’s a business man. He knows you have to be careful. I’m a much smaller businessman and I can’t say what i’d like to say to local politicians because I own land in town. I’d be cutting my own throat. She is incapable of having any friends and he knows she’s a backstabber. Trump has zinged her pretty badly. incompetence, fraud, liar, complicit in murder. Perhaps you’d know this if you actually listened to him instead of believing what trump hating establishment tells you. just sayin’.


You know this is one position of Trumps I am perfectly fine with. If terrorist are hiding amoungst their family and their family does not run them out they become accomplices to terrorism a are harboring a wanted criminal. Were you stateside and did such a thing you would be brought up on charges. These people are not innocent civilians. They know what they are doing and are criminals themselves. If the civilians do not run them out then they are only endangering themselves.

Take your bleeding heart ideology somewhere else. I’ll see civilians in body bags before I do our soldiers.