Would you call me a Conspiracy Tin Foil Hat nut?


**From the desk of the Minuteman…

**[FONT=Times New Roman]If I had told you on Sep 9th 2001 that a group named Al Qaeda would fly 2 airliners into the WTC and kill 3,000 people and we would wage a war on terror, have our Constitutional rights taken away, then eight years later elect a President with a Muslim name twice, who would try to overturn the 2nd Amendment, authorize spying on all Americans, and then on Sept 10 2013, the day before the 9/11 anniversary, stand before the American People and plead the case for a military strike on Syria to help Al Qaeda rebels, would you call me a Conspiracy Tin Foil Hat nut???[/FONT]


But he didn’t say that, did he?

I probably would have, but I’d be eating my words now.

Two words here, explain this then. “kite hit steel plane must”. This happend moments before Bush was informed that the the Twin Towers were hit on the morning of September 11th.

I’m more curious as to your explanation. Why would those words be used and what is the significance of them?

It’s my personal opinion that Bush had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks as some believe, but rather a divine revelation of what was to come to the United States through this tragedy. In other videos if you look at his expression, it seems as if he has no clue and if he knew what was about to happen that day, you’d think he’d have a somewhat surprised look on his face at what came out of the mouth of these students reading back what was written.

After reading about what transpired on 9/11 and watching yet another video called “The Harbinger”, I am convinced that this was a wake up call to the people of the United States to return to God. Now that may sound far fetched I know, but after you watch this video, you might understand what I’m attempting to say here. This video has been shared on many other sites also. Although it is almost an hour long, it’s worth the listen if you’ll take the time. It will shock and enlighten you.