Wounded Vet Wears 'Hillary for Prison' Shirt to College, But Is Greeted with 'Racist


"I was wearing my ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ shirt. I wear the shirt for two reasons: One, to stir the pot. And two, because I actually believe that Hillary is not above the law and should be accountable for her actions and pay the piper for her wrongdoings just like every other criminal."
He said that he knew there were likely to be some stares and comments, but what surprised him was the number of professors who seemed to approve:

An African American boy told me that Trump supported slavery.
Another girl told me her boyfriend was Mexican and that Trump was going to send him back to Mexico. But when I asked where he was born, she said, ‘Texas.’"

Only one mentioned Hillary at all, and he felt that prison for the former Secretary of State might be a little harsh. McArthur was highly amused:"The best one of the day was a young man with a nice set of headphones and an iPhone. He told me that I shouldn’t wear that shirt because it was offensive.And I asked why.
He said that Hillary had done nothing to warrant her going prison, and that if Trump gets elected he’s going to take his mom off welfare."

Wounded Vet Wears ‘Hillary for Prison’ Shirt to College, But Is Greeted with ‘Racist Trump’ Comments

This phenomena shows how uninformed some people are in spite of all the gadgets that are around in which actual facts can be gleaned.

It is sad in that in this day and age with the availability of information easily gotten as opposed to limited sources from years past we still have those who can not or will not understand the positions of politicians.

Trump is for slavery? Where has he ever said that? He has talked about improving everyone’s lot in life except those who have deliberately and illegally used the system to sponge off the rest.

**“take his mom off welfare” ** While I realize that especially in this economy many people have been forced on welfare and so the the young man may have the equipment from before but this also implies that his mother is paying for service on that phone while being on welfare. The fact that many of these “poverty stricken” people have all sorts of equipment and goodies flow through their hands while telling everyone their plight.

Yes a sad state of affairs. I have read some people have been so radicalized as to blame Trump for the current situation they are in.


There used to be a real common expression that covers how I feel. “My mind is blown”. Oh I get that people believe lies, I’m just surprised at how easy it is to find out the truth & yet no one does it. My sister in law is a smart person, & even has a college degree. What’s more in most things she has displayed common sense. Yet she is a republican hater & blames all the bad things that happen on them. A week or so back she blamed them for bringing in all of those aliens. Think about that a minute. With the public arguments going on how in the hell could a person think that? And if they do think that, what good is it to point out that they are wrong? The facts are obvious, out there, & it’s not something that can be disputed yet there she locked into the mind set that everything is the republicans fault. I get that you can’t fix stupid, but she isn’t stupid. I just don’t get it.


Some people are like that. I have a relative who gets everything backwards. I can tell her something and she infers just the opposite because that is what she "heard. I have a friend I will tell something and he will argue with me and then tell me his version which is exactly what I had told him.


My father was like that. You could discuss specific issues with him and have him agree with a conservative Republcian principle. But when it came to time to vote, he’d vote straight Democrat. It didn’t matter who the Democrat candidate was.

My father was from Delaware, and he loved Joe Biden. When Michael Dukakis knocked Biden out of the presidential race in 1988 by exposes the fact that Biden had copied a speach from a British politician my father was really upset. But when it came time to vote, he voted for Dukakis. He didn’t even think about it. These people form what political parties call “their base.”


Growing up politics was not discussed and my mother said that she would not reveal who she voted for. Back then many jobs were party controlled.


Nothing new: This is called buy in, they buy into the item and in order to change ones mind requires a lot of eating crow and its that crow that stops them. So what they do is double down.

I have been off roading and driving Jeeps since the 60’s. Around 2005 I opened a Off road shop and I applied my talents and engineering thoughts to building Jeeps for other folks. As a mechanical and IT engineer I take a systematic approach to how I build a vehicle.

So a potential customer would come, usually their Jeep did not perform well as compared to others. Then I look underneath and I see the latest and greatest in suspension and often these guys have shucked out as much as $10,000 for a suspension package that was supposed to be the end all, be all and like so often it was more junk than anything else. So we sit down and I tell them the bad news,its junk and its junk engineering…but but, the Jeep Magazine said ___________ so I bought it and can you make it work better?

Well no I can’t!

What has happened is they bought into the hype and the heavily biased articles you see in magazines that depend upon advertising to make a profit. So, ole Joe spent his money and a lot of it and told all his buddies how great it is and the result he is mentally, financially and physically invested in it and to change, even for the better take a total paradigm shift and worse to show up at the trail head with 50 guys you know and admit that you spent $10k on junk. People do not like to feel humiliated and its bad when it happens and worse when you do it to yourself.

What generally happens is that the get the Jeep spanked hard on the trails and they drop out for a while then show back up a year later with a rebuilt Jeep.

The same parallel occurs when people buy into the hype and in this case the propaganda by Hitlery and they have spent the past year defending only now to find out she is selling out America, a crook, thief, cannot distinguish truth from a lie. Now what do you tell everyone you know, you woke up and just changed your mind about how you identify???


When my parents got married my father agreed to take my mother’s politics, Republican, and his religion, Episcopal. My father voted for Eisenhower in 1952, but years later he admitted to voting for Stevenson in 1956 because “Eisenhower was doing nothing.”

In 1958 my father had problems with his business when the government clamped down on him for not paying the minimum wage. He was paying that and more to workers in his plant, but he was sending raw materials out to people in rural areas who were assembling his products (Christmas wreaths) and receiving payment for each wreath they made. The government ruled that his piece work payment system was not the minimum wage despite the fact that skilled wreath maker could assemble enough units to earn more than the minimum wage. The government hit him right in the middle of his business season, and he lost a lot of money.

The people in the rural areas weren’t happy either because they lost a source of income that helped to pay their holiday bills and put food on the table. One lady took the G-man who knocked on her door outside to look at the roof she had had fixed with money she had made from making wreaths after Hurricane Hazel ripped it off in 1954. She then told him that she was going to “take a broom to him” if he didn’t get off her property.

From then on my father hated every Republican politician that walked the face of the earth. He claimed that the son-in-law of a Republican U.S. senator, who was in the business, was passed over for his wage and hour visit until after the Christmas season. It did not good to explain to him that the wage and hour laws had been passed during FDR’s New Deal.

The sad part was tastes were changing, and the demand for the type of Christmas he made had dried up. There was a time when he made the wreaths that were in the background of the Ed Sullivan Show on TV and a massive custom wreath that hung on the side of the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. But then artificial materials took over the market. Even if he had had no wage and hour problems, his business would have failed anyway.