Wounded Warrior Project Reportedly Refused to Take Church’s ‘Religious in Nature’ ..


You be the judge … Story at link.

‘We Were Heartbroken’: Wounded Warrior Project Reportedly Refused to Take Church’s ‘Religious in Nature’ Donation | TheBlaze.com


Even though reported by FOXNews, I’m having a tough one believing it to be true.
There’s either something more to the story, or it’s altogether false.


One of the Fox News articles on this came from Todd Starnes. He’s usually pretty solid on his stories.


I sent the Wounded Warriors website the following message:

I was going to send a donation, but I read the story from the link below and decided to decline on the grounds I am "religious in nature.”

Your refusal to accept the donation from this chuch has sent the message donations from Christians are not welcome. I wanted to support your charity, but feel my donation will not be welcome, so therefore, again, I feel I have to decline.

Church Says Wounded Warrior Project Refused Their Money | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

This was sent from the Minuteman:

Wounded Warrior Project: Pimping our soldiers for their own gain!

Stop using pictures of my combat brothers for your own gain. STOP PIMPING MY Brothers in Arms!!!
Sooo…WWP won’t take money from religious organizations for wounded soldiers who swear to “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic SO HELP ME GOD.” This Desert Storm Vet will never take your damn money WWP!!! Congrats to your CEO who makes $314,000 a year on the backs of my wounded combat brothers! We are certainly seeing who our true friends are and who our domestic enemies REALLY are.
Pimp those Troops! get that money! … except from Christian churches…they serve God…oh wait what does it say on the money your CEO rolls in? IN GOD WE TRUST


I just started a new thread on the “Faith & Belief” forum on this. I wasn’t sure where this topic belonged. This is absolute tyranny. I would hope that word gets out and no one contributes to this organization ever again. Perhaps the Christians in this country should start their own charitable organizations for the soldiers who have been hurt. This is absolutely disgusting. What is happening to us???