WOW, in my mailbox this morning


This is SOLID stuff, it was enclosed in a mayonnaise jar that was stolen off Funk and Wangles porch the day before, the note said.

Just a few tidbits:

Chuck Schumer is no longer beating his wife

Nancy Pelosi has found a cure for her extreme rash from the Depends she wears, she now turns them right side out

Erza Cummings was a KKK member when he was a young man

Rachel Maddow’s secret lover has AIDS


The toilet plugged up in the holding area of the intake unit where I was working one day, at the prison I used to work at. Maintenance came over and had to take the toilet off the floor to get what ever was plugging it up. They found an old prescription bottle with a note in it that read, "Sgt. McNammore is a child molesting SOB.

No kidding.