WOW, records set for you WWII military buffs

D-Day auction illustrates a pivotal point in the history of technology

In recent years Paris auction house Artcurial has risen to elite status in many auction genres and like the other globally-recognized auctioneers such as Bonhams, Christies and Sothebys, the biggest players all auction something extraordinary from time-to-time.

Last week Artcurial held its D-Day Sale where the entire contents of the Normandy Tank Museum went under the hammer. It was a truly extraordinary event. Numerous world price records were broken and the perspective of the military collectibles market was slightly shaken at the values achieved. The sale fetched a total of €3,714,675 (US$4.14 million), which was much more than the top estimates of all the lots combined. That’s very hard to do without a voracious marketplace, so the rise of the military collectible as an alternative wealth creation asset class is now infecting yet another auction genre.

D-Day auction illustrates a pivotal point in the history of technology

Art used to be the big thing in uncertain times. For those with less money coins & stamps were also big. But I guess if you think about it, in uncertain times having a Sherman tank might be better than those. (wink).

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…which is another indication of the meltdown of the economy.

Money is no longer sound. Investments are no longer safe and whether they prosper depends not on objective assessments of marketplace demands and viability, but on crony connections.

Yes, in years past, art was a way to hold wealth. These are being bought with a similar approach…but whether it works or not is open to debate. The Greatest Generation is just about gone; and the Flower Children are rewriting history and vilifying war. All war but especially just war.

These artifacts may become valueless or they may be seized in the future.