WTF is wrong with people???


Star Wars: Episode 7 To Premiere In Theaters in 2015 -

Starwars episode 7? Enough is enough.


Everything apart from Empire Strikes back was crap.


I dont know, the foirst was pretty good. REturn of the Jedi was decent but not nearly as good as the first 2


I watched the orginal starwars triology and liked them then came the three previous episodes. I enjoyed the first but the other two were a disappointment


Most people have the opposite opinion


I disagree, we need more movies for sure!

Lucas was a great producer but never understood the market. He screwed up the chronology and never met the demands of the fanbase. I mean, clone wars cartoon series, seriously?

Glad Disney will take the lead…assuming they are quality movies based on the same concepts as the others, and I think they will be.


[quote=“UNTRugby, post:5, topic:36864”]
Most people have the opposite opinion
[/quote]To each their own but in retrospect, I think you are confusing when I saw the original with what later technology could produce.

Besides I have a problem with statements that claim most people do this or that. If I saw that on a test, I would mark it wrong because statements like that are usually wrong.


I may be, I thought you meant you liked episode 1 (1999) and episodes 2 (2002) and 3 (2005) were disappointing

Besides I have a problem with statements that claim most people do this or that. If I saw that on a test, I would mark it wrong because statements like that are usually wrong.

When a big movie like star wars gets bad reviews it becomes somewhat common pop culture knowledge

here are the ratings from the major sites for the 2nd star wars trilogy

episode 1, RT 57%, Meta 51, Imdb 6.5
episode 2, RT 67%, Meta 53, Imdb 6.7
episode 3, RT 80%, Meta 68, Imdb 7.7

episode 1 scores the lowest on all 3



Just let it die!!!


I have to agree with Dac to further Starwars really should not happen.


Especially if it runs the risk of doing what the last Star Trek movie did to its overall storyline.


Im sure trekky can set us straight on this but I believe that the new trek movie happened in an alternate timeline


True but in never happened in the Official canon.


The changes they made with the new Trek timeline and the reason given doesn’t really work. That and the fact that they went with a fast pace to cater to the attention span of a five-year-old killed it as far as I’m concerned.


The Star Wars prequels left enough of a bad taste in my mouth that I’m weary of any more movies, even though I know they couldn’t be any worse. Maybe it’s a good thing that my expectations are so low. Speaking of which, I can’t recommend Mr. Plinkett’s devastating reviews of the Star Wars prequels enough: Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace |

They’re very funny (although the language & humor might be a bit NSFW for some people here), very insightful and they’re not just good Star Wars criticism, but really good film criticism, period.

I thought the Star Trek reboot was pretty excellent, though.


If this turns out to be the immediate sequel to Ep. 4-6, then this could be really great. Timothy Zahn did an awesome job with the Thrawn trilogy. Anything else is likely to mangle and be incompatible with the best Star Wars stories, which I think are some of the books I’ve read set after Ep. 6.


Yes, Zahn is awesome!


And it’s being done by Dinsey, no less…


Well as I understand it, they are looking to bring back much of the original base Fisher, Hamel; but Have you seen Hamel? Have you seen Fisher?
The original Star Wars was pure pap. Simplistic "Good Guy-bad guy shoot’em ups, " and had a sweet innocence about them that got lost in the prequels.
The biggest problem with Hollywood is a lack of imagination, lack of writers, lack of visionary directors, but a dearth of actors with “sh*t for brains” EVERY classic we have seems ripe for an idiot director/producer to screw up.