Wuhan Lab Authorized To Receive US Taxpayer Funding

So you’ve concluded for sure they are at fault for releasing the coronavirus then? That’s uh, bold.

So @Gene, I guess you are looking for reasons to defend the Communist Chinese who have stonewalled investigations into the source of this virus. What’s in it for you? Do think that the Communist Chinese are part of the left that you need to defend?

Nah. Trust me, nobody on left or right in the U.S. is big on China right now. My personal (and many on the left) biggest issue stems from the Uyghur internment camps and Falun Gong organ harvesting.

However, I’d rather stick to items with credible and widespread evidence rather than latching onto any conspiracy theory that props up just because I don’t like the country.

The lab being the culprit is only part of it; China lied about when they realized this pandemic was going on; they spread it for weeks without alerting the rest of the world to the danger, then used the WHO to run a smokescreen to deny culpability.

No, I don’t want to fund them. If they’re not going to be forthright, and they punish their doctors for being so, there’s no reason left for us to cooperate like this. We can’t rely on them the moment the situation gives them bad optics.

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How about because they compromised the WHO, lied about the transmission rate and whether it was safe to travel, and then proceeded to blame the U.S. and Italy?

I said back in February of last year that the WHO would figure it out. Turns out, they were already making deals with the CCP to spin doctor the whole thing.


But everybody knows Trump created the coof from his laboratory underground.

Kind of going out on a limb hoping the WHO could figure out anything. … I’m sure if I floated them a few billion dollars they could figure out how I’m actually descended from Jesus

Wow. And I thought this guy was “woke”. Apparently, not enough to take non-Westerners to task.

“Woke” is limited to criticism of Trump supporters and anyone else who play by the rules and simply want to earn an honest living. Like most progressives, woke people, when they think about foreign affairs at all, view the Communist Chinese Government as the ideal system, which might have a few flaws. Those flaws are mostly due to the outside interference that was caused by the Trump administration.

I view the term “woke” as an oxymoron.

Trump made the coof in a lab underneath his house. China was his scape goat everyone knows that. They are a loving caring government. And they especially love democrats because they are easily misled and basically truly stupid; I’m sorry; I meant, they love democrats because