Yale couple flees classroom amid free speech chill

Yale couple flees classroom amid free speech chill | Fox News

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From the linked article:

Anti-free speech demonstrators at one of America’s most vaunted universities have claimed a pair of scalps – a husband-wife duo who say teaching is too much trouble in a campus climate “not conducive to civil dialogue.”

Yale University professors Nicholas and Erika Christakis, who both have always gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from students, said they have had enough, after an email she sent sparked a campus-wide controversy that soon pulled him in.

When good people are driven out of a profession, guess who’s left that will fill the void? That’s true, whether university professors or police chiefs or pizza bakers or T-shirt silk-screeners or cake bakers or wedding photographers.

I predict many businesses when presented with a resume from these types of schools will circle file them for obvious reasons.

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