Yall got Xbox?


Hello, Everybody! I just wanted to know if anyone has Xbox Live? I don’t play too much, but sometimes I get to more (especially during winter… when it’s colder than a polar Bear turd outside). If so, What’s your gamertag?

  • I have ALOT of profiles, But I usually either use “Supple Moose”, “TNPxNutnfancy”, Squishy Donkey, or RollingManMud. :popc1:


lol I will let you add me with what ever profile you want. Mine is Seraphrim.


SWEET! I’ll add you tonight… :yes:


What kind of games do you got?


I have…

-MW3, and all other COD’s
-Madden 11
-Red Dead Redemption (My favorite game)
-Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
-Battlefield 3 (My favorite 1st person shooter)
-KungFu Panda =D
-Farcry 2 (My very 1st game)
-Medal of Honor


Death to consoles!

PC 4 lyfe!


I have MW3, Battlefield3 and Red Dead Redemption. We might have to play some BF3 this weekend. Cause its multiplayer is b3etter than MW3.





Sounds like a plan! I personally kinda-sorta hate MW3. Plus, I’m actually good at Battlefield 3! :banana:


I like MW3s story but other than that it is a MW2 remake. lol I am good at BF3 more so as a sniper and a jet pilot than an up close infantry man.


SWEET! I kinda suck as a Sniper, but I’m good as a pilot, but I’m best as an Tank Driver, and an Assault, or Support dude! :beerchug:


Finally I have found a tank driver!!! All I need now is a Heli-pilot.


[quote=“Seravee, post:12, topic:32757”]
Finally I have found a tank driver!!! All I need now is a Heli-pilot.
You, and me BOTH! I don’t know anybody that can fly a Helicopter!


My xbox name is the same as my profile name here. I’m not creative.


BOOM! Read it and cry tears and agony!


Get those facts away from me!!!


What’s the price of investment in a high quality PC?


About 2000. Depends on what you want to use it for.


Lol… I just added you! :slayer:


well, then… that settles it for me! You can get almost SEVEN Xbox’s for that much! … Although, I wouldn’t mind getting an Alienware, just so I can say I have one. :alien: