Yay! RO's Back!

Good to see things back in order. We missed RO! But what happened???

I don’t know, but hot dog!

Does happy-as-a-Clam dance

I couldn’t figure out if it was the Chinese, North Koreans, NSA or my POS computer. :banana::banana::banana:

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JG had to “repair a few database tables.”

Oughta’ let folks know----- I take it personal----- the world’s agin’ me!

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Nodnod! We’re discussing ways to do that and make sure it’s resolved quicker.

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What this guy said:

[QUOTE=Jesus (per John 16:33)]These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.[/QUOTE]

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Why not create an alternate forum for the group on yahoo or other free forum hosting site for emergencies like this?

That way you could let us all know what is going on and we would still have a temporary forum to meet at.

Just an idea.

My suggestion … Here:

I don’t know about the things you’re referring to; I can tell you that RO has a Facebook page.

Yeah, I was looking all over facebook and I find nobody uses it or was using it from 2012 until now.

A lot of folks don’t have or want to be caught anywhere near facebook.

My suggestion is to have an alternate forum where we could all meet when this one is down.

Most of the groups I belong to have such an alternative … even though they also have a facebook site.

Facebook just doesn’t work well as a forum.

The forum just went down again for a few minutes.

Against my better judgment, I signed up to facebook and went to the RO page.
Not many folks there.

(Not many folks here either. Must of got thrown off after the site went down?)

The easist way to resolve problems like this is to have a second person with the ability to fix the site if the need arises. The easiest way to keep members in the know is Facebook unfortunately. I have tried to get control of the FB page from TO so that we could use it here but I have not heard from him since the last time I messaged him back in 2013.

We can still post announcements on Facebook at least, I noticed it was WAY out of date when I went looking for info about the outage but it let me write on the wall nonetheless.

I would never have thought to check facebook. I don’t like them anyway. I’m so glad I wasn’t banned.

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Perhaps we can get a new Facebook page started, Republican Operative Members or something, Seravee. And we can also work on a procedure to get information out to FB more quickly. SWTOR uses Twitter. Maybe that’s another way. Maybe your idea would work silli.

Keep ideas rolling if you got 'em.

That is an idea. I would love to get the original page. I will PM WIJG and see if he has any info on it that might help me.

I don’t twitter. It sounds feminine.

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I can’t say twitter without spitting on myself,

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