YEARBOOK: Ralph Northam In Blackface & KKK Photo



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And the moron leftists here in Oklahoma are DEMANDING that the President of OU “resign” because some sorority girls posted something on facebook showing them in blackface, even though they did NOT first get the school’s permission to do this and the President of OU expelled them both for doing so.


Virginia’s Socialist, Democrat, Lieutenant Governor …

Justin Fairfax’s Political Summary


I notice that the Dems didn’t throw him under the bus until his radical abortion bill (with accompanying post-birth abortion comments) failed to get through the Virginia legislature.


This emperor, Ralph Northam, has now been shown to have no clothes. Recall that during his successful run for governor in Virginia, Ralph Northam repeatedly accused his GOP opponent, Ed Gillespie, of being a racist and using racist rhetoric. Right out of the Left Wing Loon playbook and the idiots in Virginia bought it. In addition, the Virginia media outlets were so inquisitive (NOT!) they appear to have failed in their due diligence.

Let me ask, who in 1984, after all the freedom marches, 20 years post the Civil Rights Act, after MLKs assassination, etc., etc., who could possibly think it OK at the age of 25, to pose like this in a class yearbook? Apparently Ralph Northam. Who would think this crap wouldn’t be hurtful to many Americans? Apparently Ralph Northam. For that matter, what kind of inferior university medical school would allow the publishing of this crap in their yearbook? Apparently Ralph Northam’s.

But aside from the Blackface/KKK BS, let’s not lose sight of the most important fact for me - the fact this far left SOCIOPATHIC bastard advocated for and proposed allowing a live birth baby to lay “comfortably” on a table while the mother and the attending “so-called” physician discuss whether to allow the baby to expire or not. My god, Northam is a doctor?? We have a governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia putting forth a proposal for what amounts to infanticide?

No one on this site can possibly know and understand the depth of my loathing for this son of a bitch and all like him. That there is even a discussion about Northam’s unsuitability for public office is stunning in its implications for the deterioration of our values in this nation.


Call me cynical but … does anyone think that If the Lieutenant Governor was a White conservative instead of a self avowed Black Socialist that the Democrats would be piling on like they are with Northam?


A Twitter wit just wrote: the Coonman came out and saw his shadow and now we have six more weeks of denials.

The outrage culture is sad, and idiotic.

These smear campaigns, going into someones past, not for criminal acts, but just to find something they find distasteful, is ridiculous.
It makes those who engage in it seem petty and small.

If the internet and the social media phenomenon was around prior to World War 2, we would have never heard the name Winston Churchill, among others.
Yet, today, this is where we find ourselves.

Interesting point though … the tactics used to bring down Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh, may bring down a Governor who is in favor of the most broad and lenient pro-abortion bills ever!
He will not be brought down by that horrific legislation, but because he chose to dress inappropriately several years ago.

“Idiocracy”, thy name is 2019.


Wearing a Klan robe and going out blackface was darn stupid in 1984, especially when you were a college student. This fool should have known better.

Still it is disturbing that people can be condemned for anything they have done in their life, no matter how long ago. If you robbed a store or killed somebody that’s one thing. If you went out streaking when you were in college, that would be another.

If anyone here thinks that you could not be called to account for something you have done in your life, you are sadly mistaken. The liberal protocols for proper behavior and speech are flexible and ever changing.

Congressperson (I hope I didn’t offend with that title) Alexandria Cassio-Cortez has established a new standard for proper conduct. If you were born, male, white, straight or middle class, you owe reparations to all of those who were not born with those advantages. You need to be constantly aware of what you are and what they are and make amends to them for all past slights and grievances, even if you never committed any of those offenses against those who are disadvantaged.

Ms. Cassio-Cortez has not exempted herself because she is cisgender (a new term to me until yesterday). In other words, she was born a straight woman and has a sexual identity that matches her gender. She must make amends for that.

Is any wonder that these snowflakes are totally neurotic? It must be total torment to have this garbage going through your brain for every waking hour. Thank heavens I abandoned liberalism almost 40 years ago.


Now let’s work on Alaska_Slim :joy:


Good luck with that. :wink:

He’s more radical than Nancy Pelosi on the immigration issue.


What’s funny is the Lt Gov is now under “inquiry” for alleged sexual assault.

Still, I bet that most democrats will still refuse to accept that the Klan is a Democrat organization, to this day.


It is unfortunate the yearbook picture is overshadowing what I believe to be a far more serious consideration - this idiot’s endorsement of late term and POST BIRTH abortion!!

As for the KKK garb/black face - that’s not my main issue. However, it is clear that the term “racist”, as thrown around by the Left, has been weaponized and used as the Left’s weapon of choice to end debate. I don’t know whether this fool is a racist or not. What I do know as a result of his commentary on abortion, commentary he double-downed on a day after his initial on-air interview on the topic, is that Northam’s judgment isn’t up to leading a one man parade.

The ONLY reason Dems are calling for Northam to resign is because when your entire schtick is based on identity politics, including calling those who disagree with your policies racists, then you can’t afford to be viewed as soft on one of your governors dressed in racially charged garb, whether he’s truly a racist or not becomes a non-issue - so, under the bus he goes.

Now, about that Dem Lieutenant Governor - the one being accused of sexual assault - he is claiming a newspaper’s investigation of the allegation years ago cleared him - factoid: no, not exactly. He’s expecting us to rely on a newspaper “investigation”? Uh, wonder if the paper endorsed him for Lt Gov? Is there a police report/police investigation? If not why not?

Look, I don’t know what the truth is here about Northam being a true racist or the allegation against the Lt. Gov, but for the Democrats to go from a Dem governor in blackface/KKK garb who espouses infanticide to the Dem’s back-up governor being a guy caught up in an allegation of sexual misconduct makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! …


This doesn’t surprise me at all. Remember that MOST Planned Parenthood “clinics” are located in or very close to minority neighborhoods and PP was originally designed to reduce the population of black and brown people in the U.S.–what founder Margaret Sanger referred to as “mud people.” Democrats’ support for Planned Parenthood–and abortuaries in general–is to encourage these “mud people” to abort their babies. One reason Hispanics have over-taken blacks as our largest minority group–other than through “immigration”–is because PP has convinced black women that it’s a “social good” to abort their babies and doing so frees them up for better things, while encouraging sex outside of marriage. Some estimates are that as much as 70% of all black pregnancies end in abortion. I don’t know if this is accurate, but, if true, explains a lot. Just 30 years ago, Hispanics made up about 11% of all people living in the U.S. Today, that figure is right at 20%, which may explain plans to open up another abortuary in my own home town, planned for the edge of a growing area of Oklahoma City known as “Little Mexico” but fairly FAR from black neighborhoods. During that same 30 years, black population has remained static at about 13%, despite an influx of “refugee” immigrants from Somalia, The Dominican Republic and Haiti.


He responded by noting that the allegation is coming up when it’s being noised that he’ll be replacing Northam as Governor- and let’s face it; the left tried that trick on Kavanaugh. But as I understand it, the allegation is that it took place at a DNC convention, which suggests that the women herself is a Democrat. That’s got me to wondering.



I think they would have defended him to the death with all kinds of doubletalk if his abortion bill hadn’t died in the legislature. When it died, under the bus he went.


BTW - regarding the accuser of the Lt. Gov - she is a registered DEMOCRAT from Cal. That she has no obvious political axe to grind does not make her allegation true, but . . .

Question - whatever happened to those Dems who took the microphone during the Cavanaugh hearing and who so vociferously proclaimed that a woman making sexual abuse allegations was to automatically be believed?

Yes, it’s a rhetorical question


Few quetions for my friends here at RO…

Does anyone think Northham should resign (specific to the allegations against him with respect to the photo).
I realize most of you probably believe he should resign over his remarks about third trimester abortion, but I’m asking specifically over the yearbook photo. I’ll add an abortion question so you can address the topic as I imagine the desire to do so will be irresistible.

If so why? Was it what he did in the past or the way he handled it when he was accused?

Is it possible that the picture in his yearbook isn’t him or that it was placed there by someone else?

The abortion issue that he supports, are there certain circumstances where it would be allowed, or is he supporting third trimester abortions in all cases?



CS - I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I think Northam is unfit for public office based on his remarks concerning infanticide.

That said, I’m beginning to wonder if there is a Democrat in Virginia suitable to be governor. First, Northam repeatedly steps on his member, then the next in line, Lt. Gov, Fairfax, is accused by another Democrat - a woman Fellow at Stanford named Vanesa Tyson - of sexual assault while both were attending a Democrat convention several years ago .

And, if you can believe it, today the 3rd in line to assume the governor post - the state’s AG, Mark Herring - is making an effort to cover his butt by preemptively admitting he once donned BROWN facial coloring - obviously an attempt at avoiding the word “black”… By the way, this AG has been calling for Northam to resign for his racial insensitivity in donning blackface. Tyson said he wore brown facial coloring and a wig to look like a rapper. How many Latin rappers do you know?? LMAO!! I swear to god, you can’t make this stuff up.

I think this whole sorted clown show by the top 3 Dems in the state of Virginia is rapidly developing into one of the most humorous political cluster fleuks of all time.

Dr. Mike - ROTFLMAO!!


The governor, lieutenant governor AND the attorney general should ALL step down. The governor GOT elected by falsely accusing his opponent of being a “racist” over and over. The lieutenant governor is SUPPOSED to be competent to take over the governorship in a crisis, yet is fairly credibly accused by another Democrat of sexual assault so is unfit for HIS office, if this is true. The AG is supposed to be above reproach and obviously isn’t by his own admission. This whole mess is TYPICAL of most Democrats. If you want to know what they believe and what they are really up to, just look at what they accuse Republicans of believing and doing without proof of any sort.


I’m pretty sure I recognized that and asked if you could answer the question without referring to that.

Should that disqualify the AG or the governor from holding office?