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As someone who has networked with conservative activists for 35 years,** I know for a fact that large segments of the tea party and *Ron Paul movements *did NOT vote for Romney and I also know that many evangelicals refused to support Romney as well. **They knew that Romney was, deep down, a big government, socially liberal Republican and believed that electing Romney would set conservatives back decades. They believed that he would – under the mantle of “conservatism” – carry out a big government agenda instead of taking bold action to tame the deficit or get our economy growing again.


More navel-gazing hogwash.


Romney’s evangelical turnout was equal to Bush in 2004. And that’s even with a decent chunk of them having died in that eight year span. Who was this mythical super candidate that would have exceeded even this?

Third party vote is %2. Obama won 272 electoral votes by nearly a 6 point margin. Which of the 2012 candidates was going to top Romney by six points in Colorado or Pennsylvania in order to carry the state?


There wasn’t anybody, Wolf. But the real error in the author’s assesment is in blaming the GOP for alienating RP supporters, when there was never a evidence for other than their own self-alienation, or that RP intended, or could have, delivered them for any candidate. I know a number of them who voted for Obama…for the second time. The election was lost because the group that used to be known as “Reagan Democrats” stayed home.


Of course Conservatives were not fooled by Romney, he has an entire life as a committed, extreme Liberal.

Obama got much of the vote that he did because no democrat voters saw anything different or unique in Romney to convince them that the Nation would improve under his leadership.

Conservatives ***win ***votes, Liberal Republicans just try to say everything the focus groups tell them to say and assume the Conservatives will support them like hostages with no choice.

You cannot beat an incumbent by claiming you can “do better” while your entire resume shows that you agree with the man you are trying to oust on most everything but some minor points of nuance.

The Establishment GOP will never;

  1. Admit that they are wrong and that Conservatives told them they were wrong over and over again for YEARS
  2. Ever just quit the fantasy and register as democrats with all the politicians that they respect.
  3. Hesitate in any way before gearing up the same damn strategy with an even further left candidate the next time.

They also will just change the names on all the opinion articles and reprint them. “Most electable” and “Able to win Independents” and “Won’t scare off voters by being too Pro-Life” will once again be the chants that all the usual suspects regurgitate along with the standard “If you don’t support our Liberal, you are supporting their Liberal” guilt trip that they are sure will work just like in Kindergarten when they learned it.

Establishment GOPers are CERTAIN that they are right and that their plan will work if they just keep trying it enough times. They are just as certain that they have nothing to lose because a Conservative could NEVER win anyway regardless of the evidence that shows a clear Conservative message wins big almost every time it is tried.


RET’s theory collapses when confronted by the fact that Republican candidates for the Senate, with reputations for being far more conservative than Romney, lost by worse numbers than did Romney himself.

We shouldn’t do what the Democrats have in the past, after a loss, and ascribe it to the American people just not hearing or getting their message. As with them, there’s far more to recommend the belief that they not only heard, but rejected our conservative message. Deal with it.


Then explain the by-and-large success of Tea Party candidates in 2010.


How many Tea Party supported candidates got either the nomination, or won in the general election? Tea Party candidates do well in state legislature elections and US House elections, but rather more poorly in broader based elections. The Tea Party, of which I’m a somewhat ambivalent member, has an image problem that uncorrected will lead to its atrophy.


Exactly, the Tea Party was demonized and ridiculed in 2012 by the GOP because they thought they could win without them and they do not want these views to be successful.

The GOP did the same thing in 1996, tried to win without a new “Contract With America” because unlike 1994 they knew they could gain enough power to actually be expected to do that stuff.

And just like in 1996 when the people rejected their milk toast Liberal after just 2 years prior over turning both Houses of Congress with a strong, clear Conservative message they rejected the milk toast Liberal this time.

The Establishment GOP turns on Conservatives every time it looks like they might be in a position to take over, as long as they do not fear winning a strong majority they have no problem playing “Tea Party Conservative”.

We are the suckers who keep falling for it, that is why they keep doing it.


Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football . . .


I have proof that it is our electorate that is the problem. The proof? Well, even though he had almost no resume the electorate elevated him to POTUS in '08. Then, in November - even after his miserable record was well established - the people making up this nation’s electorate returned him to the White House for a second term.

I rest my case!!


The simple fact is, the Republicans don’t have anybody. They’ve tried to straddle the fence until they neutered themselves…


Amazing the geniuses here. Romney is the scapegoat. [as was McCain] Yes he was weak, but it’s not the weakness of Romney, it’s the weakness of the Republican message and the weakness of the message outlet. There is NO concerted ideate. just splinters of dreams with no awakening reality. If one goes state by state and poll the representatives of the people , out of 50 states and a couple of territories, you will get 50 + different responses. Everybody wants their own dream and need based on the separate conditions. At the same time the Republican has NOT learned to use the various medias to their advantage. The Tea Party, and all other splinter groups need to coallesce into a galvanized unit with one thought and one VISION> and until they do. America will NEVER see the Constitutional Entity it once was.


Both MDMike’s and njc17’s comments have much to recommend them.


The republican party should change it’s emblem from an elephant to an anvil: a dense tool that exists to be beaten. Move further left, that’s the smart thing to do…


Flatly disagree. Romney and McCain were weak RINOs.


Sorry I commented


The problem is the entitlement crowd. Romney was right. Half the country is on some form of gooberment assistance, and they’ll vote for whoever promises them the most. Period.
I have talked to many Independents who voted for Obozo, and all expressed the same sentiment. “He would take away _________.” (insert gooberment entitlement). “He’s for the rich, and against us poor people.” "He’s out of touch, with real Americans."
The consequences of trying to appear conservative to win the primary, and flopping liberal, for the general election. The Pubbies are seen as “say whatever is expedient to garner votes”. The vilification from the MSM, is gonna be tough to overcome.


FC; sorry to be so short. You can disagree all you want, but just look at the variety of responses here on THIS board and multiply that times the number of republicans and /or conservatives and see the total disconnect of the peoples message. As far as I’m concerned Romney AND McCain were pawns for a very confused Republican party with nobody steering the boat.