Yes, the Left would have Crucified Trump for this and now the administration should have to answer for it

While I think the fall of Kabul in less time than the US could evacuate is all the proof we need that our presence there accomplished very little relative to the time we spent there (20 years) and likely justifies our leaving, the way that the Biden administration planned and executed our extraction was a failure of epic proportions.


“This is not Saigon,” Blinken responded.


I’ve got a book that isn’t directly on the subject; it’s about the Boeing 727 airliner. And one chapter (titled 360 Passengers - 105 Seats) is about a World Airways 727 (the smaller 727-100) that was at Saigon when it fell. They were cramming passengers in wherever they could. It turned into sheer chaos when word spread that enemy troops were approaching. South Vietnamese troops were shoving women and children out of their way in their panic.

The airline president, who was aboard, ordered the plane to take off even as he was helping pull people inside from the airstairs. One soldier in desperation threw a grenade to delay takeoff until he could get aboard, and damaged the left wing and some hydraulics. They got off, but the main gear wouldn’t retract, and they couldn’t get pressurization because the airstairs weren’t completely closed, and the baggage compartment door was open (I’m looking at the pic of it in flight). They estimated 80-90 people rode in the baggage compartment. Others rode in the main gear wells (in the pic you can see by his legs and boots that a soldier was perched on the inner-left main gear doors (part of which were folded upwards; that’s where he sat)). Some were known to have fallen to their deaths.

Blinken is a bald-faced liar.


The Democrats needn’t worry. By next week, all of this will have blown over.

The news media will have turned the page and Biden can get back to blowing $3.5 trillion on bull crap.

What I can’t understand is why every Democrat representative and senator supports this. Did any of them take any macro economics courses? Did all of them flunk that course? Or do they hate the country so much that they are ready to destroy it?

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Come on. I can’t be the only one thinking this.


Baghdad Bob! I wonder what became of him.

According to Wikipedia, reports are he’s still alive and living in the United Arab Emirates.

Actually, it hadn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it, but it fits.

CS - the first part of your very first sentence is predicated on a falsehood. We needn’t have waited to evacuate until the Taliban entered Kabul. We could and should have begun the wholesale evacuation of all non-essential personnel; State Dept types, contractors and private citizens within Afghanistan at least 2 months ago. Vetting those Afghanis who assisted us should have been on-going concurrently. Biden orders the military to leave BEFORE efforts to evacuate was completely nuts and now you can bet some/many of our people will end up as hostages, dead/butchered.

I would recommend Biden be either impeached or psych evaluated for a 25th Amendment removal - the problem we have is that the Democrats have a deep bench - deep in crap.

Next up Kamala Harris. Whoops!! Next up after Harris craps her pants would be Pelosi. My god. OK, OK, I have an idea - how about we ask for volunteers; maybe our Transportation Secretary could be persuaded to take over our ship of state. What’s his name? - Bootyplug, or something like that.

Back to Costa Rica Wednesday. With everything folks are confronted with here on a daily basis I can’t wait to get home to civilization.

You misunderstood. I never said nor implied that we had to wait.

Totally agree.

I find it amusing the low bar set for impeaching Dems. While I agree that the evacuation has been an abject failure, if this level of ineptitude was enough to impeach, I’m not sure any President would last 4 year, especially the last one.

Two trumped up impeachments based on partisan manufactured evidence and unsubstantiated and refuted third hand “testimony” from an anonymous source. Third times a charm. :rofl:

Grounds for impeachment:

How about refusing to comply with court orders on the “remain in Mexico” policy? Trump had plenty of court orders against his policies. He complied. Fought them up the line in the courts and won.

Grounds for 25th amendment removal:

Incompetence: The border, the virus, Afghanistan.


After seven months in office, Biden has made everything he has touched worse. He is easily the biggest presidential failure in so short of a time. He is weak and senile, and the world has seen it.

The Democrats will remove him using the 25th amendment, perhaps before the end of the year. They can’t afford to leave him in place because it will be political suicide for them.

They probably figure that they will get more of their programs passed with Harris. They will be able to use the “If you oppose her, you are a racist and sexist bigot” argument for at least a year. By then they will have gotten their pro-voter fraud bill passed and the $3.6 trillion “Let’s screw the American citizens” boondoggle in place.

The election of two Socialist Democrat Senators from Georgia was the event that put the last nail in the American coffin.

I think their hesitancy in invoking the 25th might be this: Can they control her?

Do you guys live in an alternate reality?

Regardless of the wisdom of his actions, do you seriously believe that Biden is A) really in charge and B) competent?


Has the administration made poor decisions and failed to act where I think better decisions and actions would have been better?

Yes, but do I think Biden and his administration are incapable of making good decisions?


More importantly, do I think Biden is corrupt, working with our advisories for his own person enrichment and aggrandizement? No.

Is there any evidence that people in droves are whistleblowing on the administration for it’s corrupt practices? No.

Does Biden, in virtually every single speech name call, self promote and speak about political division. No.

Does Biden make up childish pet names for people he doesn’t like? No.

Does Biden act like a petulant child when things don’t go his way? No.

Has Biden begun firing everyone that won’t submit to a loyal pledge? no.

Does Biden “joke” about suppressing first amendment rights? No.

Does Biden have press conferences and only invite the members of the press he wants? No.

Has Biden taken meetings with members of foreign governments without a single member of the US government to record conversations for posterity? No.

Has Biden named members of his family “senior advisors” with offices in the West Wing and given them access to high level classified information despite being rejected by the apparatus that makes recommendations for such? No.

Will Biden spent almost a year (308 days) out of his first term playing golf. Lol, no.

Are there droves of people that quit or are fired from the Biden administration that discuss his ineptitude? Not yet.

Will Biden pardon people who are potential witnesses to his own corruption? Time will tell, but I doubt it.

Blank check Democrats, who will always vote for whomever the party nominates, will never admit that the party put up a stinker of a ticket in 2020. They’d rather trash the country than admit they were wrong.

That’s why debating them is a waste of time. It’s better seek solutions with those who might have voters’ remorse and want find a way to dig out of the deep hole Biden continues to dig for us.

Thought for the day: Biden And The HO Gotta GO. In the most dangerous world we have encountered since WW2, we have a cognitively deficient POTUS who is unable to make a correct decision - and who is backed up by Kamala Harris who is so freakin’ far over her head we would be lucky if the country doesn’t spiral totally out of control.

7 months into a Biden/Harris administration and our nation is on it’s ass on virtually every front - we are humiliated and our allies can’t trust us.

My main fear - among a long list - is that Biden, in an effort to recover his personal dignity after the Afghan disgrace, will get us into a real war. Can you imagine Biden directing a response to China when (not if) they take Taiwan? Frightening isn’t it?

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Back in 1980, when Jimmy Carter was failing badly, the people with money and the “power elite class” looked in horror at what was going on. They, quite correctly, perceived that Carter was taking the country down a rat hole with hyper inflation at home and signs of weakness abroad. For them, getting him out of office was a top priority because the country was headed toward ruin. This was my father’s generation.

This generation of power elite people seem to have lost their minds. Many of them push for socialism although they plan on keeping their wealth and power and only advocate it for others and future generations. Some of these same people get sweetheart deals from the government and are really billionaire welfare recipients. The owner of the Tesla electric car company is a prime example.

These guys see nothing wrong with what is happening, and that’s scary. They have either lost sight of “the big picture” concerning what results in a strong, vibrant economy, or their perception is that socialism with an all-powerful central government is the future. None of them seem to have any grounding into what such systems have produced in the past.

They can’t see what the old Soviet Union was or the injustice that continues in Red China today. They forget or don’t know that those regimes killed 100 million people collectively to gain power and continue to kill and crush dissent to move forward today. They only see personal opportunities to make a fortune though bowing to China and leaving behind the principles that America great. They can’t see that Biden is demented and dangerous. They only see a pliable tool who will not get in the way of their ambitions.

These are the people who will chart the future, and what I see from them is very scary.

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I am amazed, but unsurprised, at the level of intellectual dishonesty required by some forum members at the level of vitriol directed at Biden with regards to Afghanistan. I did a quick search and discovered some interesting things:

number of posts commenting on Trump freeing over 5,000 Taliban three years ago - none
number of posts commenting on Trump inviting the Taliban over to Camp David to give them a legitimacy they have lacked two years ago - none
number of post commenting on the sh** “peace” deal Trump made that Biden was forced to uphold - none.

Yet somehow Biden is the incompetent one. Spare me. Biden should never have tried to lay out a concrete deadline - that was his mistake. Everything else was beyond his control and set in motion before he even took office. And if anyone is harbouring under the illusion Grown Up Joffrey would have done any better, let me be the first to congratulate you from waking up from your coma and then let me direct you to how Trump treated the Kurds in an almost similar situation. Biden’s handling of the situation was flawed and it was also several orders of magnitude preferable than anything Trump would have “thought” up.

From what I have seen in the news, five Guantanamo Bay detainees, who were exchanged for Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, in 2009 have now rejoined the Taliban. One of them is said to be current “president” of Afghanistan