YES! We Did It!

Virginia looks to have pulled off a miracle!

A True Blue State is turning red!

A Sweep!

Youngkin: Governor

Winsome sears: lieutenant gov.

Miyares: Attorney General

Also looking to flip the house!

All Conservative Republicans


Excellent news! Next, we take the House.




Twitter is blowing up. LOL. Great stuff.



Kimberly Klacik


So New Jersey doesn’t like high gas prices, vaccine mandates, defunding the police or Senator Cory Booker vilifying parents at school board meetings? Who would have thought?

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:facepunch: :rose:Sweet!

Republicans take win, hold narrow lead in states where Biden blew out Trump in 2020

Funny as heck tweet:

These are the kinds of moments I dreamed about when I first came out as a transVirginian. I only hope that others will now be inspired to live their own truths loudly and boldly.

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My my, what an astonishing coincidence that when a Republican wins an election, all accusations of systemic fraud magically disappear. It’s almost as if it is a bad faith argument that is wholly without merit.

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A good argument, although it only to applies to people who believe that the whole voting system is systematically, totally rigged and the outcome determined in advance.

You can believe that there was extensive fraud on one election – perhaps all of it local and spontaneous – without believing this will be the case in all future elections.

In fact, the fact that there have been many fraudulent elections in many places around the world, followed by relatively honest ones, makes this a plausible thing to believe. (I don’t have a position on whether it applies to the 2020 election, although I have seen arguments about the unusual results of this election that make me believe there could be some truth to the ‘fraud’ claims.)

The real lesson for conservatives here is this: we must reject all far Right anti-Black, ‘pro-White’ voices … expel them from our ranks if they try to get amongst us. We CAN reach Blacks and Hispanics, but we won’t if we walk around with Confederate Flags. White supremacists, people who have only disdain for Black people – they are the enemy within.

Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Clarence Thomas, Allen West.
You guys would have alot more like that if the Alt-right people would leave your party, you’d also regain moral high ground. As long as its the party of Trump I don’t see that happening.

History has laws – the growth of the forces of production, when allowed or able to occur, transform the social class structure, which in turn allows – does not compel – the political superstructure to be transformed.

Thus Czarist Russia was slowly modernizing – more factories, therefore more workers, more newspapers, more lawyers, more battleships – all meant a more educated population, freed from the ignorance of the village and subservience to the Orthodox Church.

Maybe it would eventually meant Russia becoming a real constitutional democracy.

But … a stupid Czar (Nichhol II, the revolutionaries assassinated the smart one) and Czarina, and very a very canny and determined Marxist leader (Lenin) who knew how to turn 2% into 25% and then how to make that 25% take power, unwise involvement in a 20th Century war with an 18th Century army … and we got different results.

Same in Germany. If Bismarck had been the Kaiser, instead of the dolt Wilhelm II … at least Germany didn’t have a Lenin.

Had the Dowager Empress in China been smarter, she would have vigorously supported the Hundred Days reformers, instead of eventually beheading them. China might have pursued a course like Japan, and pulled itself up by its own bootstraps into modernity.

Accident. Historical Accident. It gave us Trump. The conservative base watches TV, it doesn’t read. Recent events, historically speaking, have made it deeply suspicious of traditional sources of authority. The classic preface to authoritarian populism. Luckily, we have reserves against that … we’re not Latin America … yet.

We are where we are. If I were leading the conservative movement instead of Mr Trump, things would be very different. For some inexplicable reason, I’m not.

But you go to war with the army you’ve got.

I am still waiting to hear from the typical Democrat why the Trump administration was racist. Unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics were at record lows whiles wages were increasing at a steady clip before the pandemic. Trump certainly lacked good manners, but I never saw anything racist about his administration.

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For the Left, ‘racist’ is just a reflex-word, meaning ‘bad’.

It wasn’t. It was throwing our allies under the bus and talking up China, Russia and North Korea. It negotiated the withdrawal of forces with the Taliban.

Trump openly bragged about sexually assaulting women by grabbing them by the XXXXXX.
Trump failed to make it down a ramp, and went on to talk about for hours.
Trump told America to drink bleach.
They downplayed covid which killed Hermain Cain.
Not to mention the picture that nailed that presidency was his sad sick old man wave to the crowd outside of the hospital.
He was foul, Paul Ryan said “I come up here and have to pretend I didn’t read what the president said”. He was nasty, he was a degenerate screwing other women while his wife was nursing his youngest. The party of traditionalism puts up a twice divorced sexual assaulter who’s wife bared all in a girly magazine my head was spinning. No he wasn’t racist. He was a Buffon, and he ruined you guys spiritually, mentally, and intellectually.

No one not a soul voted for Biden every vote was against Trump. We’d rather vote for a babbling senile old man, and a dumb cop from California than here one more minute of it.

The head of the Macomb (not Muskegon) Democratic party privately told me the only way were gonna hold 2024 is if he runs again, and I don’t doubt it. Run Him Run Him in 2024 run him in 2028, heck if he’s still somehow breathing do it again in 2032. He has been the greatest gift to our party…

I frankly don’t hate him. I hate how he painted who the opposition was. I thought Republicans had the moral highroad. I thought the Religious Right had superiority over the Degenerates in the world. I realized it was all a lie. You somehow took the Religious Right, and made it worst than a California sodomite. Hell your party head in California “Bruce Jenner” is one.
I can’t look at my church going aunts the same, I was the one with heavy metal, and titty mags not them for Pete’s sake. They all loved Marco Rubio and they were forced to vote for him it makes me sick.

He’s got the worlds greatest supporters too they came pissed all over the capital because they couldn’t handle they lost. Which gave democrats cover for a summer of rage that left small business owners grasping for their hairs on their heads. You could of nailed them in 2022 and 2024 over Anti-Fa and BLM but no you guys gave them more than enough cover. I mean putting your feet up on the house speakers desk, goodness that’s some effort.

That rant is totally incoherent.

When you calm down, you might have something worthwhile to say.

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Everything I said was, everything I have to say about the man, and I’ve said about the man before. I’ve gotten the same response from you which makes me think you understand he’s a very broken soul.

I added grammar. No matter how coherent I make that rant, you will never respond there is no defense to it.

Can’t you get it? I have said that I will not vote for Trump in the Republican primary. I want another candidate in 2024.

I am a capitalist, however, and I know you dislike that. Tough. I believe in economic freedom and the power of the free market. It not perfect, but it beats the devil out of socialism and an over bearing, inefficient, corrupt big government.

You probably support Biden’s Build Back Better plan. The truth is the Democrats have yet to spend the funds appropriated by the last Coved bill, yet they want a lot more.

This grotesque bill is nothing but a giant slush fund that will be used to reward Democrat loyalists. It contains language that will allow high income Democrats with the means to deduct the taxes they pay in high tax states, like New York and California. In other words there is little high minded or reformist about it. It’s just a giant power grab for the Democrat Party which is looking to turn this country into a one party state.

Once that happens, you can kiss you hot rods and other things you love good-by. There is no diversity of thought within the Democrat Party. Like other totalitarian political parties of the past, the Communists and the Nazis, only one set of positions is acceptable. You tow the party line, or you are ostracized.