YES! We Did It!

Brought to you from the people who have Never built Anything!


Parts of it I like, parts of it I dislike. Bush’s Medicare Part D for my father had its ups and downs. My mother never lived long enough to see Medicare or social security she made six figures paid in her whole life passed away at 60.

Police are socialism, Fire Departments are Socialism. It’s a pooled risk public entity. I believed in a mixed economy. Mixed economies are Keynesian and thus Capitalist. No one is serious if they are arguing pro Che Gueverra or Marxists tenants. Even China has a sick form of capitalism. The only communist countries are small nations like North Korea, and Cuba, and I don’t think she should seek that. You’re not just a capitalist, you are in a way a minarchist. Supporting the minimum amount of state to keep relative order, but not one enough to ease human suffering.

You mean calling out NATO members on not being committed? Putting the weight fully on us, and not carrying theirs?

While celebrating and supporting members like Poland, who were?

And Japan, in facing China?

While also putting sanctions on all three. The sanctions on China were the strongest we’ve ever put on them. The current administration wisely continued them

Talking costs you nothing, we took actions that cost us something with each of nation to force them to the negotiation table. That’s good policy.

We also reapplied sanctions to Iran, and took on Obama’s error with Syria. Applying the red line he defined, but didn’t move on.

We also strengthened Israel, helped them get to the position of normalizing relations with the Arabs.

That’s something that im pretty sure no one expected would happen in our lifetimes.

? We all wanted out, we weren’t going to gain anything in staying.

United, if you don’t follow foreign policy much, if this not really your forte, fine, but you are grasping at straws by bringing this up. This was not wrong for them to do.

It’s kfabe. I’m not denying what you’re saying here, it’s 100% accurate. Kfabe is a strategy, and it had defects.

Whether that’s worthwhile, depends on how out of control you consider the power at be to be, and what means are necessary to humble them.

Different people have different red lines. Mine resulted in me not voting for him. Either time.

I’m against the Forever wars but he tied Biden’s hands with the Doha deal. We should of never been there. Pakistan was harboring high level Al-Qaeda people that tour department of defense trained in the 80s to fight Russia. Biden’s approval rating was a result of following the Doha deal. We should of never announced a withdrawal date it let them know how to time a resurgence.

Why bother defend someone you never voted for. A lot of people voted for this man 10 million more than the first time.

As far as Kayfabe it’s about as effective of strategic lying to someone that depends on knowing the truth. It almost always backfires.

It’s cool just to put sanctions on them and not talk them up.

He continued to feed Syria to Turkey something Obama had already started.

I’m not opposed to that but that is best for behind closed doors openly attacking Germany and Talking up North Korea is just dumb. It’s like calling the ugly woman next door hot and your hot GF ugly.

Nope; the original deadline was May; he already extended it. He could have extended it again, or tried to re-negotiate.

Trump officials have already chipped voice that the plan was to evolve details as the situation on the ground did. Biden Administration decided to be inflexible, that was their call.

Most of Al Qaeda was in Afghanistan, so that’s where we went to break their ****. Not sorry, only sorry that the people we installed were in many cases worse than the Taliban, which is a large part to why they resurged.

I didn’t, I’ve defended policy that he largely didn’t construct. Policy that worked.

That was a tactic to get them to concede and bind to agreements. It’s carrot & stick, and it worked.

He bombed the SU-23s responsible for releasing gas canisters on innocents civilians, denying Assad the ability to do it again. That was the right thing to do. Betraying the Kurds I’ll admit was not.

We tried that; didn’t work. They didn’t take us seriously. I’m all for airing dirty laundry if it makes them humble enough to reform.

If they don’t value the alliance, I’m not interested in maintaining it. Western Europe should bank roll its own defense.

Yet, it worked. Results matter more here.

It worked so great that North Korea has never had a more functional Nuclear Arsenal. It worked so well that China went hypersonic and took over Hong Kong as Trump watched. It worked so well that they plan on taking Taiwan in the next 4 years. It worked so well that Russia has been amassing a large amount of troops near Ukraine. It worked so well that Nato isn’t functional with Turkey. It worked so well Poland and Hungary are no longer democracies something Trump refused to call out despite pleas from John Mccain.

False, satellite imagery confirmed they took their nuclear test site apart.

Meanwhile, they’ve been testing with submarine tech for years, likely tech they acquired as early as the 1990s.

That the last test before now happened in 2017, says something.

That they put sanctions on N. Korea for the first time.
They even closed up their literal “bridge of friendship” over it.

And? We had one hand to play over that; Hong Kong’s special trade status.

We played it, they didn’t back off.

Why? Because the situation is being intentionally inflamed. The losing CCP faction under Jiang Zemin, is trying to do whatever they can to throw wrenches into Xi Jinping’s plans. Turning Hong Kong into Tiananmin Square 2.0 is right inside Zemin’s playbook.

It was afterall Tiananmin Square that gave him his original power.

It equally just makes Xi look bad, as the entire region is at the center of his plan to make a Chinese Silicon Valley. Kind of hard to do that if 1/4 of it is constantly experiencing protests and riots.

Taiwan’s position was improved. Just like Israel, more nations were convinced into giving them de facto recognition. Taiwan has better defenses than ever.

Wolf warrior diplomacy by the Chinese, once again comes from internal dynamics. They’re trying to distract from their own economic fraility.

Worldwide, opinion turned against the belt & road project, and the Trump threw fuel onto the fire for why that turn occurred, by precluding our help if countries took theirs.

Between us or the Chinese, most chose us.

They’ve been there since 2014. They rotate units of about 90,000 to 100,000 in and out of the region.

Turkey wanted the S-400. We told them they can’t have the F-35 if they bought it. They did so anyway.

And they bought that and more equipment from Russian institutions that were under sanctions. As a consequence, they too had to be sanctioned.

The only crime here is that the Patriot missile system is terrible, which is why they didn’t buy that instead.

Hungary maybe, but even Random House still rates Poland as “Free”.

And this is all in reaction to the EUs poor handling of both the migrant crisis, and wider economic woes.

It’s Brussels fault they’re getting reactionaries riled up like this.

And this is the breath of fresh air immigrants give us; not caring about the butt-hurt of this or that cultural issue, and instead focused on giving back to a country whose dream inspires them.

Going forward, owing to the low native birth rate, 1 in 6 African Americans will be immigrants. Today, they and their children already comprise one fifth. We’ll see more like Sears appear in our discourse. And what they will share, I’m willing to bet, will heal the rift just like immigrants did after the Civil War.

Just because he (and I) decided to vote for someone else doesn’t mean he never got anything right. And for all Trump’s miscues, foot-in-mouth moments, etc., he’s head and shoulders above Biden. How lame is that…

I’ve never heard of an “SU-23.” Do you mean Su-22?

It was a really really really low moral moment for the right. It was like us trying to Nominate Larry Flint yes he ran back in the 1980s. Imagine Larry Flint running in 1988 against an establishment candidate like Bush, and winning because of low turnout on the right because Bush was seen as “too much of a spook”. Ok imagine that America and thats the America we lived in from 2016-2020 now you can see how we saw it. Now it compounds itself when they’re the party of family values. Now imagine democrats like Tipper Gore hating this and being treated like Liz Cheney. Now imagine he copoted the democrats after one term and demanded loyalty tests for them. Now a whole bunch of creeps are in the party. That’s what you are dealing with. Tell me with a straight face that it is better than Joe Biden. What do you think a Biden Administration looks like with a GOP House or/And Senate?

Su-24 actually.

It is better than joe biden?

A beanpole stuck in the ground would be better than Joe Biden. At least it won’t go out it’s way to make things worse. It’s like the people who control Biden sit around and think of more ways to screw things up.

I’ll toss the ball back to you, @Unitedwestand. Give us an example of a successful Joe Biden policy that has been well executed.

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He is against racism. That seems to be holding out in favor of non whites.

He’s had 300 days are our allies are moving closer toward us and further from Russia and China. His popularity ratings with gallup who does daily tracking show him out performing Trump by 3 points. None of his policies have had time to take effect as they were very recently passed “infrastructure” or still in the works. Today was the lowest amount of people applying for unemployment since 1969.

I’ll give you the unemployment numbers, @Unitedwestand, because we are still in recovery from Covid and unfortunate demographics of the labor force with many retirements, not because of anything Biden has done.

As for the rest of it, our “allies”, like welfare recipients, like “softy Joe,” who is willing to do everything they want. Germany went for years not paying their fair share to NATO, when they had a robust economy.

You popularity ratings are nothing but Democrat spin. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Biden had the brass to say that none of his green policies have increased gasoline prices. Joe, not all of us have dementia, like you. We aren’t that dumb.

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1 Since I’m not sure what in the world you’re saying, I don’t know what “it” is that you’re comparing to Biden.
2 Hopefully, stalled.

:rofl: I’m hearing nothing of the sort.

I thought about writing in a tree stump in 2016.

Oh, okay. I didn’t realize they had Su-24s, I knew that an F-18 had shot down an Su-22.

They’ve had Su-24s since 1990. Israelis shot one down in 2014.

All my books are old (the newest is 2001), and I don’t always hear who has what these days.