Yes, you can have new permits, when…Obama leaves office


Ever since the unofficial Obama administration permitoreum began keeping the issuance of new gulf drilling permits effectively frozen, industry officials have been working overtime to meet each requirement and jump through every hoop demanded so they could return to work. Even though rigs have already begun leaving the gulf for lack of profitable activity, the major energy companies have continued efforts to work with the federal government to ensure that all safety considerations have been adequately addressed. On Friday, they received their answer.

Permitoreum Update: Yes, you can have new permits, when… « Hot Air

The Obama administration has violated the law and although a judge has ruled that oil exploration can assume. Obama and his people are still stopping oil exploration as well as enacting regulations that are geared to shutting down other energy sources in the long run.

The alternative energy solutions that this administration has proposed have proven to be not viable and cost more than the benefits gained.

In the end, this nation will be further beholding to foreign interests in supplying energy and goods.