Yoga Class Cancelled Due to Cultural Oppression


Sorry to say this to all the yoga fans out there, but you too may fall victim to the political correctness police.
Jennifer Scharf who teaches a free yoga class to students with disabilities at the University of Ottawa in Ontario found out the hard way that even yoga must cease because people from a long time ago may be offended by people so far away.
Scharf received this e-mail informing her that there would no longer be a yoga class on campus:

Yoga Class Cancelled Due to Cultural Oppression - Justin Holcomb

PC run amok. Now I have no desire to do Yoga preferring free weights and such but this is a case study of another example of some nutjob deciding that yoga is more about religion than a exercise program.

While it is say the use of yoga helps the peace of mind and develops serenity the practice is not filled with overt religious demands.

This is more of the same juvenile thinking I have seen from those who do not tolerate opinions but their own.


…What? There is nothing remotely religions about yoga. Unless stretching can be consider a religious practice.


Some sects of protestants have labeled it as Satanic in the past. I forget who… Pentacostals maybe?


“He is bending over backwards! The devil has possessed him I say!!!”

Well given what I have seen some yoga master do I guess is could be consider satanic the way they can bend their bodies. Straight out of the exorcist.


Rampant sexuality is what I was thinking. All of those tight clothes.


So yoga isn’t the issue but rather yoga pants?

Yoga pants are one of major cultural advances of the last 20 years, IMO. They make older women, especially, look hot (and speaking as an older man, I appreciate that). :grin:


The Christian concerns about yoga have to do with mystical aspects; meditation for one, if I’m not mistaken.


Islam hates Dogs & Bacon …


I hear yoga pants look great on women.:devil:


VERY few women over 45 should be wearing spandex in ANY form…especially those who are 2 axe-handles wide across their butts.


Apparently Jazz looks pretty bad in yoga pants


This brings to mind an old joke from years past.

Two old geezers were sitting on a park bench, ogling all the teens, young ladies, & still shapely moms that were sashaying to and fro around them.

“Shore didn’t have gals like this when we were young, did we Zeb?”
“Sure we did Ike; they’s just in a little different packaging now-a-days!”


Yoga does have it’s roots in a pagan religion. I see no problem with the exercises, but I believe that they should not call them Yoga, because no doubt some of the practioners become curious about the religious aspect of it. A surgeon who did some surgery on me said that his wife is trying to get him to take Yoga. When I mentioned that it had its roots in a pagan religion, he said he use that as an “excuse” to get out of it. One of the other medical personnel there took Yoga, and she agreed that it had its roots in a pagan religion. Her husband is a minister. :tongue:


Pagan religion?


The clothing, and the poses, and the meditation practices.


Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced and what practices from what cultures (which are often sacred spiritual practices) they are being taken from. Many of these cultures are cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy

Can any one explain to me why all this in nothing more than BS and this is just another example of a couple of people telling others they do not like yoga. Every culture has experienced things in the past with individuals being oppressed and so on.


I have no issues with it. I don’t believe it’s beneficial for weight loss, but for someone in relatively good shape it’s fine.

I doubt you’ll see me in there, unless they can somehow work in free weights, or perhaps I could bench press a few of the ladies. I could handle one average fit female on each arm I think. Maybe two. I’m not sure my wife would approve though.


It is a part of the Hindu religion. I thought that at first, but sometimes Google is your friend! and I found that Yoga does indeed have it’s roots in Hinduism. And without looking at the sites, it appears that some modern Yoga classes include the meditation. Unlike Christian meditation, which is filling your mind with things that please Christ, and worship Almighty God, eastern meditation means emptying your mind, apparently so that the spirits may come in (and who knows what kinds of spirits may accept the invitation. There is plenty to be wary about in Yoga. The exercises in themselves are harmless, but I think if they are using just the exercises - I understand they are stretching exercises and are particularly helpful to the elderly to help keep their bodies limber - I think they should just call them “Stretching exercises.” They are not true Yoga.


Most yoga today, at least the classes I have had contact with within my job, use meditation as a means of emptying your mind to find your inner peace(which is more in line with Buddhism). What you describe sound far more like an actual religious practice which Yoga is very far from. Only thing sinister abut the way the West practices it is some of the stretches. That is one thing the people in the OP do not understand. There is a more spiritual meaning in yoga in the East where as in the West it is no more that a lifestyle choice. Its about the same with western Buddhism. Most in the west see Buddhism as nothing but a lifestyle choice.


Emptying one’s mind can be dangerous. Our minds are not meant to be empty, and emptying them can be an invitation to evil.