You can't make this up


U.S. town bans residents from criticizing mosque

A New Jersey township that was sued by Muslims for refusing to approve a massive mosque project is returning to court because of a settlement agreement that restricts speech regarding Islam.

The settlement required the township to hold a public meeting about the mosque project, but it forbade anyone from commenting on “Islam” or “Muslims.”

A key tenet of Shariah, the Muslim law that governs both personal and political life, bans any negative comments about Islam or Muslims.

According to the Thomas More Law Center, which sued the township on behalf of two residents whose home is within 200 feet of the proposed mega-mosque, the settlement with Bernards Township “reads more like an instrument of surrender.”

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge sued and won a decision in federal court after its mosque proposal was rejected based on traffic and other concerns.

The Township agreed on a $3.5 million payment and a “public hearing to approve the settlement.”



From the article:

C’mon, Trump, have Sessions (or, better yet, his replacement) clean out these liberal judges that were appointed by Obama and are complicit in this trampling of free speech and favoritism toward radical islamists.

Geeezz, if Trump/Sessions won’t see this as something that needs urgent attention, all will be lost (which is the radical islamist plan anyway . . . and which seems to be at hand.)