You guys like to point out voter fraud


I lived in a town of 25,000 in the early 70’s and there was ONE place to vote and voting went off without a hitch every election and we had a 10% black population at the time and their turn-out was usually higher than the rest of the population. And, that was at a time when Republicans only RARELY even ran for elective positions in Texas. I sat on the election commission and participated in the COUNTING of ballots. I was as conservative then as I am today.

Really, where? I’ll look it up.

Also, did other places in the state where you live have significantly more places to vote?


So the answer is no, no one commented on election fraud that was perpetrated by Republicans, but I’m glad we agree that election fraud is intolerable regardless of who does it.


Then you should be profoundly ashamed of the Democrats, because they are WELL-KNOWN for engaging in vote fraud. Nixon would have won in 1960 were it not for the Daley machine voting half the cemeteries in Chicago for JFK. Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Florida commit vote fraud as a matter of ROUTINE ever since the 2000 election. Dozens of precincts in Philly reported in 2008 125%+ turn-out without a single vote for McCain which most statisticians claim is a statistical impossibility. Democrats in New Orleans were CAUGHT in 2004 using vans to drive homeless people around to vote in multiple precincts, paying them off with cigarettes for each vote cast for Kerry and Landreau. Democrats did the same thing in Minneapolis in 2012 for Obama votes and after slashing the tires of the GOP Campaign’s vans intended to provide transportation for elderly GOP voters. During the 2018 mid-terms, Democrats engaged in “vote harvesting” in Kalifornia. The only convictions for vote fraud in national elections have ALL been Democrats and A.C.O.R.N. disappeared because they kept getting caught in vote fraud on behalf of Democrats in 19 different States. In the Wisconsin re-call election, Michigan unionist Democrats took the ferry to Milwaukee, checked into hotels there in order to vote against Walker after registering giving their hotels as their “residence,” only to check out when the election was over and they’d lost anyway and go back home. There are DOZENS upon dozens of such incidents on record and NONE of them involved vote fraud by any Republicans. This isn’t to even MENTION Democrats fire-bombing GOP offices, intimidating voters at the polls, stealing campaign signs of GOP candidates and forging voter registration forms.


So anytime Republicans do not carefully sift through the mountain of false allegations that the media publish about them daily to find the rare credible accussation so they can then race to the internet to condemn their “side” for the offense… That constitutes “not caring about fraud if it benefits them”?

If you genuinely embraced such a ridiculous standard you would be the loudest voice of condemnation for every single elected Democrat in the United States; in other words it is far more likely that you are just knee jerk reacting based on a partisan agenda and propaganda.


Still deflecting from the answer…No.


That’s the difference between you and I. I’m ashamed of everyone that commits voter fraud and I don’t make excuses for it or deflkect when questions are put to me.


Where did I “deflkect” (sic)? There have been NO Republicans sent to jail for vote fraud and there have been DOZENS of Democrats who have. How is that “deflkection?”


You seem to have this idea that the “law” is the standard by which right and wrong is judged. Just because people have been sent to jail doesn’t mean what they are doing is wrong.


Oh, so because ONLY Democrats have been sent to jail for vote fraud, then they MUST be innocent???


Yes you are still deflecting, I asked for a single example of a Conservative anywhere that has EVER intimated that voter fraud was okay if it benefits their side, that was YOUR accusation and as I predicted you have found absolutely no evidence or examples that would make your accusation credible in any way; which should surprise nobody.


I would make that a huge huge Thanks if I could.


The law is used to judge right and wrong. People go to jail under the law, which is a consensus of what is “right” or “wrong” by the consenting governed.

What do you say determines “right” and “wrong” again?


Abortion is legal, Would you say that makes it right?

I don’t really know your position on abortion and I’m assuming that you disagree, but even if you don’t I’m sure there are laws that you disagree with./ The point is, the fact that something is legal or illegal does not, by decree make something right, it only makes it legal.

Oh boy, do you really want to have this conversation here?


Abortion is an abomination, BUT, as of today, it’s still “legal.” The pro-life people aren’t rioting in the streets in order to effect change of the law. They are working to change public perception of what it actually involves–against the left’s tide, by the way.


Can’t speak for 'Nutjob, but I’m game.

Actually, the tide is against the left on this one.


Only proving the point I was getting at. The fact that something is legal does not make it right.


I’m afraid that we’ll have such fundamental differences on ideas of morality that this conversation won’t go very far, so let’s start slow.

Does a system of morality tell us what is right and wrong, or does what’s right or wrong determine our system of morality?


Haha. No of course not. It’s never been my position that the law, society or broad consensus determines right or wrong.

It’s been yours, so I found your comment confusing. I’m not going to have a big ol’ conversation about it. We’ve already done that. I quite agree with your statement and the one that followed, but I’m curious how your moral framework, which we have previously discussed, is consistent with this:

And this:

As to the OP, it looks like the conservatives are against voter fraud, probably just like you. They just don’t think their side does as much as their opponents.


So then, answer this question, does morality determine what’s right and wrong, or does what’s right and wrong determine morality?

Could you just humor me on the last question, please? I think your answer and my responses should help you understand my position.

Something I think has always been the case…I think that has a lot to do with the political climate we find ourselves in. Something exacerbated by social media and the way news and information is delivered to people.


There is no real QUESTION about which party is more guilty of voter fraud. Anyone who even ASKS such a question is obviously ignorant of U.S. History.