You guys like to point out voter fraud


I fought in tournaments in my 20’s and felt “pain” many times, but it wasn’t unwelcome. I could stop at any time. When I talk about pain, I shouldn’t have to preface it so that you understand what I’m talking about.


He knows exactly what you are talking about, you are making arguments that disintegrate under even a tiny bit of examination.


1 What if a nonhuman perceives it? I’ve touched on that before, and I don’t feel you’ve answered it adequately. Why is humanity the determinate of value and morality? Why does “most people’s” value legitimize it?
2 Really? Did humanity exist before God created them? Did those values not exist even then? Or in a secular atheistic evolutionary context, before man evolved, were those values not as true then as they are now? Which leads to subjectivity:
3 How do moral values legitimately change? How can they change and retain value when they’re clearly unstable?
4 You value. How do your values have intrinsic stable value? What’s to stop the moral economy from crashing when values and their perceptions change?
5 No, He knew before personal experience because He created it all and knew on a scale unimaginable to us what He was doing. He did feel pain when He (God the Son) walked the Earth and was flogged and crucified, but not until after many generations had lived.