You have been given control of a fictitious country...


…and you have to draft a Constitution. What do you put in it and what rights are guaranteed to your citizens? How would you structure the country?


NationStates | The Holy Empire of Seraveean


As for the Counstitution…


Why does he already have a link for that…


Something that was drafted a long time ago… LOL!


He works fast… No one can say that he lets moss grow under his feet!! holy sheep


I wouldn’t have the first clue. I guess I’d just adopt the U.S. Constitution…easiest and brilliant. Sorry…can’t think for myself on this one… :embarrese :asleep:


I would go for North Korea’s constitution. Given the huge volume of South Koreans fleeing north, they must have a perfect constitution there.


As usual.


[quote=“Susanna, post:9, topic:38070”]
As usual.

[/quote]I happen to greatly admire North Korea’s government (link).


The Onion is marvelous!


I want to make it appear to cover only the basics as far as government structure is concerned. And, some provision for spending on limited social programs (because I’m oh so hypocritical) and health coverage for all, simply in accordance with other well-established countries.


So, not the best but this guy is making the case for an updated US constitution
Constitution 21

Some of it, not too terrible though.


My problem with the US constitution is that it was left open to interpretation.

Something needs to be included about “These words herein are concrete, and may not be left to interpretation due to legalese speaking jackwagon lawyers who think they have a better idea…”


It not just that constitution is open to interpretation, the words themselves are vague. As technology has progressed some of the vagueness has been helpful but for the most part is has been harmful.


In some ways, legalese would have helped the Constitution. Legalese is usually anything but vague.


It’s usually anything but NOT vague to those who aren’t lawyers…


Non-aggression principle. It will fix the world.


“The right to live any way you desire as long as you don’t impede on any other’s desires. The country’s economy will only grow if it is a sustainable growth that does not harm the Earth and its living things. The country will value a sustainable consumption where one does not take more than one needs. The people of the country will live in accordance with nature and its natural laws instead of living opposed to it. The country will only go to war if the human rights of others around the world are in danger and the country will not rest until there is justice and peoples’ rights are observed. The country will value education, not only of our culture but of other cultures, not only of math and sciences but of how they relate to the already perfect systems of nature. The country will acknowledge that each person in our society is capable of making a change and each person will do their best to enable those around them to achieve their goals.”


You know there are a few problems with this right?