You people

10 days I’ve thrown my party under the bus 20+ times, but you act like the GOP is God itself. I tell myself you all gotta be the fringe of the fringe. I have to tell myself this for the good of the future of the country. I’ve been here 10 days trying to find anyone, anyone who can buck their party on any issue. I’ve done it myself 10’s of time. I found one SENDGOP is pro-choice. When Clinton said Degenerate I thought she went too far, but she’s spot on if this was the cesspool she’s talking about. You people, I mean you people are just the most demagogic people I have ever seen on earth. It would be easier to negotiate with the Taliban. I learned one thing here. If this is what the opposition. It’s darn right you’re all labeled domestic terrorists, its good Facebook deletes you folk in droves. It’s good your afraid of the DHS. It’s good that Epik hosts the filth so it can easily be deindexed easily. I really hope they rig elections because you people are unlovable. I would of been shocked to say that 10 days ago to be pro censorship. If this is the level of unmovable beliefs it needs to be contained, enclosed, and segregated.

First, I firmly believe in capitalism and smaller government. That immediately makes my views unacceptable to perhaps 80% of all Democrats, including the rank and file.

Second, I view what the leadership of your party is proposing to be a direct threat to the long term health of this nation and to the cause of freedom through out the world. Throw in the Biden administration’s total incompetence, and you have a five alarm crisis. Under those conditions, party unity is a must.

I view Nancy Pelosi, who seems to call most of shots in the Democrat Party, as a genuinely evil force. She’s not Hitler or Stalin, but she is a dictator want to be.

If you find that characterization distasteful, and part of the evil that you perceive in the Republican Party, so be it. You are on a Republican site, so don’t expect to find much agreement for your support of the modern Democrat Party. So far as I’m concerned, when you vote for a Democrat for a national office, you are voting for Pelosi. Her strangle hold on the votes in House, with near perfect unity, makes voting for any Democrat candidate distasteful.

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First of all, let’s cool the insults. “Deranged” is over the line, and I deleted it from your thread title. And I see other hyperbolic broad-brushing insult in your OP, and it isn’t necessary or acceptable.

That said, ten days isn’t jack for learning where we all stand on what. A little more time on your part would have led you to the knowledge that I didn’t vote for Trump either in 2016 or 2020 (I wrote in Ted Cruz and Mike Pence respectively), I didn’t like Bush’s (or Clinton’s, or Obama’s, or Trump’s handling (or lack thereof) of North Korea), and there have been any number of domestic policies where I think government- including Republicans- should have just left alone.

You are grossly oversimplifying us. That doesn’t mean there are none who are lockstep with the GOP and/or Trump, but ten lousy days hardly giving it a chance.

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What we all need to do is shell out 30 grand for a ticket to the met gala and wear clothing denigrating people who have money. Then we wouldn’t be deranged.

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There are a few people here who after my time here I think are good people. If you lived next to them they’d be the type to give you the shirt of their backs if you needed it. I won’t mention names because it would probably seem as I’m trying to curry favor, but I’d bet, given the conversations, they know who they are.

It is shame that as Americans we’ve grown this far apart.

Imagine if UWS had met PapaDave or RET…lol

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Golly, I’m an Independent … :astonished:

The Pelosi mantra -

**Find out what’s in the bill AFTER you have voted for it! **

She dusted this off during the Obama Care debate, and it’s been her political philosophy since then.

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So you are a fascist after all.

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So, you think that because you threw a few dog bones to us that we would paddle up the dish and start lapping up the Kool-Aid? Ah … no.

If you lived in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district, you would still vote for her, right? If so, that means that every difference you have with your party would have fallen on totally deaf ears.

I noted that the Democrat Party left me in 1980. I’m not going back unless the party label represents some radical change from what they are now. Yes, I am “pro-choice” and some people here don’t like that, but one issue will not cause me to change my vote given the importance of most all of the other issues.


Knew it. Day one.

This… is really scary. This is what we are dealing with now. This is an AOC supporter.

Welcome to the United Soviet States of America, where you think like everyone else or you go to the death camps.


I’ve seen that tactic over and over. Got to hand it to him. He carried it off longer than they can usually manage without giving themselves away. But they always get angry in the end cause they can’t make you do as they want. That’s the whole thing… they think they’re so smart. They want you to get right in line with them. And then thank them for saving you. LOLOLOL and if you don’t…there’s something wrong with you. LOLOLOLOL

And by the way UWS…a misnomer if ever there was one. Hilliary didn’t call trump supporters degenerates…looks like you did. she called them Deplorables. you can’t even get that freakin’ right. loser.


Degenerate is a bigger put down than deplorable.

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yes and the fact that he got it SO wrong shows his ulterior motive. I knew from the get go that this character was full of shit.

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