Your Political Story.


What’s your story, on how you became a conservative (or libertarian, or w/e) and how you got into politics.

For me, the 2000 election was big in Queens, and my 1st teacher talked about it a lot, and asked us stuff about it. I said " My dad said it was like a sword fight, One has a funny accent (Bush) one has a silly name (Gore)."My class laughed. I looked confused. My teacher said “…yes, a sword fight, why not?”

Then on election day, I sat with my parents watching it for 3 seconds, got bored and left. Then, of course Florida happened. I didn’t really understand the situation, but I knew Florida was “getting yelled at”. I wanted Bush to win, because I knew this kid named Albert, who was mean to me, so I hated Gore because of his name. When, Bush won the election in December I remember I was pretty happy, but didn’t really care.

Then, for awhile I didn’t think about politics again**…Until 9/11.**

When, 9/11 happened I was in my 2nd grade English class, my teacher said our parents were going to pick us up because of “trouble in Manhattan” so my Mom, and Dad picked me up. I asked what was wrong, but my parents were really silent and pale. I got home and saw my grandma crying, and the TV was on, and I saw the Twin Towers burning. I remember this day so vividly, I watched the news NON-STOP for 3 days straight. I watched on the TV how the towers fell, and the crash in the Pentagon, and the PA Crash. I felt a big thump in my chest. I was stunned when the first tower fell, and was near in tears. That day changed EVERYTHING in my life, my sisters, my parents and the rest of my family’s life. I remember watching every scene of the news that day, and I was just sitting there, and feeling like my city has shot in the head. Even, as a 2nd grader, I knew that the country just got hit bad.

I listened to President Bush speaking in New York from my TV, and was so inspired by this great man. From that day on, George W. Bush was my hero.

Then, came the crash near my house, 2 months later, in Queens, American Airlines Flight 587. That shook me up too, but I really didn’t understand this one. I was told by my parents it was just “old footage of 9/11” I didn’t believe it. I questioned them, but they never answered but, I need from their faces that another crash happened. Eventually, I learned it wasn’t a terrorist attack (in 2007, I did research on it) After this crash, a lot of my Muslim friends moved out of the country. I always asked why. My dad, being an Israeli Nationalist and 9/11 was still fresh in his mind, kept saying they were in cahoots with 9/11. I realized that was false.

I started watching CNN’s Wolf Blitzer a lot, and watched New York One (local news station). But, after 2001, I didn’t really care about politics, just news.

In the election of 2002, I was in the “I’m a rebel, piss off my parents” phase. My dad was watching the election returns come in, and I came in for a few minutes and watched and asked "whats a republican, what’s a Democrat?"My dad said the GOP Helped the rich, and middle class and the Dems helped the poor. Ok, thanks Dad, nows I gots a reason to piss you off!

I said “I hope Governor Pataki loses” my dad said “why”

Me “He’s a Republican :p”. My Dad wasn’t too happy. But, he didn’t wanna push his views on me. He tried to debate me, but me being in 3rd Grade, I didn’t care, and ran around the house for three days saying i’m a Democrat. Yea, a Democrat who liked Mayor Giuliani, and President Bush.

In 2003, I didn’t care. In 2004, I still said I was a “Democrat”, but when Bush was on TV I said “That’s my President!”

I lived in PA, during the 2004 campaign, and well, my elementary school was a political battle my teacher wanted us to debate about the candidates. We were in 5th grade. I said I stand with George W. Bush. I “left” the Democrats, to support Bush. some really political kids asked us who we wanted to win, I said Bush. They were taking a school tally, and said my vote didn’t count. I got mad. And argued with them for awhile until they counted my “vote”.

I watched almost all of election night. On CNN, and NBC. I said " why not FOX" My dad claimed FOX Projected the races to fast. Everytime my dad went to smoke I switched the channel to FOX. Florida went for Bush, and my dad was like dancing all over the place.I had go to bed at 11PM =( But, in the morning I found out Bush won, and I filled in my little map thing. And I took it to my teacher, to annoy her. 2004, still in my favorite election. Mainly, because Bush won, and Specter won (I was a Specter fan back then).

I pretty much became a republican, everyone knew it, except me.

In 2005, I heard about Hurricane Katrina, and got disillusioned with President Bush. But, by 2006, I was a Bush fan again. I watched the dreadful 2006 elections. I lived in Staten Island now, and saw Sen. Santorum lose, and said " wasnt he our senator person when we lived in PA? I liked him"

I heard about George Allen losing and got sad. Yet, Ironically, I still supported Hillary Clinton, and supported Eliot Spitzer.

In 2007, I became Liberal. Hating on everything conservative. Until around April 2007, when I turned hard right. For no real reason. I rooting for Giuliani to win the nomination. My history teacher was a Romney fangirl. My dad thought Rudy was too liberal, and rooted for Romney. By, October, I became a die-hard Republican, and a American Patriot. I kept siding with my history teacher on everything, except taxes. I was still liberal on that. By Jan. 2008, I became Far-right on everything except unions. Rooted for Rudy, till he lost, then for Mitt, till he lost, then Huck. McCain won the nod, I wasn’t happy. Rooted for Hillary, but then turned back and rooted for McCain. I kept saying “Palin will be Veep. She will get it, mark my words” I was at my high schools’ freshman orientation when Sarah Palin was named Vice-Presidential nominee for the Repubs. That me a full-fledged Conservative.

The rest is history.


My political story began with Talk Radio- Michael Savage, and 9/11.


My political story began with John Kennedy


June 1994, heard about this guy “Rush Limgaugh” I started listening to him & havent been the same since. Most of my family are dems. I dont talk to them anymore. Flaming libs.


You don’t talk to your family anymore because of political beliefs? That’s a bit harsh, dontcha think?


One of my sisters was a Librarian, that should tell you why. My other sister has been on welfare for 40 yrs. living in Calif. I worked till I retired & dont like paying for them.


My family was conservative, the idea of anything else has always been ludicrous to me. I guess, because we were not only influenced, but because we were taught to think.

I remember when I first heard about PC, it was so ridiculous, I couldn’t image anybody buying it. I guess I was amazed at how stupid people can be.


[quote=“Susanna, post:7, topic:28713”]
I remember when I first heard about PC, it was so ridiculous, I couldn’t image anybody buying it. I guess I was amazed at how stupid people can be.


Mother was a lifelong republican…very smart woman. She was not a college graduate at the time she was raising us. I became a flaming lib in college…but she remarkably kept her mouth shut. It didn’t take too long after i graduated and was pulling in a paycheck that things started dawning on me and i got it…obama self. Learning about the huge media bias took a bit longer…how the media treated McCarthy, REagan, Dan Quayle, OJ SIMPSON, something was REALLY wrong there. Always politically inclined, always voting conservative, always contemptuous of the media since the 80’s.


In the early 70’s, I was quite annoyed by this thing called Watergate–mainly because it took up all of the air-time on 3 of the 4 TV channels that we had.

I was fairly appathetic politics until the late 1980’s. Until then, I was raised to be a good democrat–never questioning the virtue of that party being the best for the common man. Even though my father approached life in a Conservative manner (just like most mid-western people of his day), he was a member of a labor union which basically sealed his allegience to the Democrat Party.

After the 1988 election cycle, I assessed the results of many programs put in place by the Democrats from when I was a kid to that date (they had control of Congress) and I never voted for another Democrat again.

I became more interested as the 1992 election approached and we had this independent rebel-rouser named Ross Perot in the mix. I liked the fact that he came in from a different angle than the two major parties. I assessed my own ideology and determined that I was Libertarian. I have since moved more toward Conservative views based upon seeing the virtue of many social aspects as being helpful for an overall approach to life. It worked for hundreds of years before. You can tweek such things for the ever-changing times but, you should not abandon the core.


Wrt politics, when I started to actually think for myself and apply the objective thought/analysis that I learned via my many math and science classes, the Libertarian and/or Conservative approaches respectively seemed more Constitutional and/or logical.

Your comment about PC should be a bumper sticker shoved into the faces of all those that deny ‘slippery slope’ arguments all too easily.


My political history:
“I came,
I saw,
I conquerred.”


[quote=“2cent, post:12, topic:28713”]
My political history:
“I came,
I saw,
I conquerred.”
[/quote]That explains it:rofl:


:biggrin: Glad you caught the humor. :wink:


I campaigned for Jack Kennedy (in jr high), lived through Johnson and Nixon, heard about Reagan, saw my paycheck getting smaller, became Republican, campaigned for Reagan (in primary), became aware of RINO’s, became hard right wing, started voting third party (for real conservatives), watching my country being led by a Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung follower destroying our economy and way of life.

Praying the NEW Republicans are real conservatives.



[quote=“Bucks, post:15, topic:28713”]
Praying the NEW Republicans are real conservatives.


Here’s my dads story, he was raised by a Russian Union man.

My grandfather is a republican, even though he is a union man. He voted Reagan, and my dad was a Mondale man.

But, in 1988, my dad became a republican, not offically, as he wasnt 18 yet.

But, in 1992, he registered and voted Bush, while my uncle voted Clinton. My grandfather voted Bush as well.

My dad’s pretty conservative, he’s a business oriented Conservative, and an Israeli Nationalist. He’s also socially conservative, but not to the religious right extent.

In 2000, My dad was a HUGEEEEE Bush supporter, he joined groups, and campaigned for him all over NYC. In 2000, he was extremely right wing.

In 2004, a even bigger Bush supporter.

In 2008, sat on his hands, didnt vote for McCain.


Mine started during Bushes first run for President back in 2000. After that I really did care to much for politics until about 9th grade. don’t know how I turn out to be conservative with my whole family being Democrats but it happened. I love my family dearly but they have bought it the whole liberal agenda to much. I correct them when I can though.


I was raised in a theologically conservative Christian home. Among other things, the Ten Commandments (from the book of Exodus, not the movie, :biggrin: ) was a staple.I didn’t really start paying that much attention to politics till the mid-late 70s. By that time, it was clear that the D Party was very ready to play fast and loose with property (stealing), people’s lives (stealing), class warfare (coveting) and sexual matters (adultery) and trending worse. The Rs, while not perfect were easily better and trending better. That’s called “conservative” these days, so here I am. And my loyalty is to what God said is right, not to “Republican” or “conservative”. If the Rs kick social conservatives (as I’m termed) to the back of the bus, I’ll just keep going out the rear exit. Ditto if the Rs go in for class warfare light.

Y’all bored yet?


I grew up (and am still growing up) with a Democrat mother and a Republican father. They were and are usually pretty good about politics, but they do get into arguments sometimes, so I learned to leave the room whenever it came up, because even if they didn’t yell (that’s only happened once or twice that I can remember), I didn’t like how frosty their voices would get. When I got to be about nine or ten years old, I would drag my little brother out of the room and distract him while they debated. This was my impression of politics until I was about thirteen years old. I just remember always wondering why everyone couldn’t leave everyone else alone. I still wonder that, actually.

In eighth grade I was back in school part-time after spending the previous year and a half homebound, and I really found myself liking my social studies class. When the election started, we followed it in class. I didn’t root for anyone, though I predicted from the start that Obama would win. One day, the teacher had us take a test to determine whether we would fit in better with the Republicans or the Democrats. I had been bullied for being a suspected lesbian, a cripple, a geek, and a prude mercilessly all year by kids who were socially conservative Christians. I decided I wanted no part in the Republicans because of their status as the party of social conservatism, and so when the test was given, instead of answering the questions honestly, I chose the answers that would give me the highest liberal score. When I told the teacher this, he was very surprised that I’d so easily been able to discern which answer would give me which result. The test had been given using material we hadn’t learned in class - focusing on the parties’ philosophies instead of their concrete positions. I couldn’t really explain how I’d known. I started feeling a bit curious about political philosophy.

So I began paying a little more attention to the Republican candidates in the election. Mitt Romney I had never liked. Giuliani my mother liked, so I had mixed feelings about him, as well as McCain. Huckabee I thought seemed like a nice guy, but his social conservatism frightened me. I had just about decided that the Republicans were a bunch of losers when I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said RON PAUL. I had never heard of him, so I asked a boy in my class who was a known political junkie what he was like.

He told me Paul was the most socially conservative, hawkish, Nazi-like candidate there was. Not knowing any better, I disliked Paul more than any other Republican for most of the election. Then I mentioned him to my mom, who was totally shocked about my impression of him, and told me he was the exact opposite of the man I’d been describing. And I immediately liked him. This surprised me, because apart from my dislike of social conservativism, I hadn’t thought I had had any opinions about politics.

I don’t exactly know how I progressed to libertarianism from there. =/ I know Nutjob influenced me a lot. I was already a social libertarian, of course; I could never imagine wanting to force my own morality on everyone else; the very thought made me feel faint. It was the economic stuff that I had no experience at all with. I just remember realizing how much sense it made that the government was nothing but a big business itself, except it was one that had the power to force people to pay for its services.