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Felt like making a Soviet Russia joke.
Sooner or later i’ll be making some “arrow in the knee” jokes.


I read the notifications


i read the notifications


Hmmm… In Soviet Russia, USA destroy Obama!!! :rofl: (I know, I know… sad) =(


I happen to read the e-mail notifications

so… I happened to have seen the links.


In soviet russia, Sad are you!


HaHa my browser was malfunctioning…


Isn’t it great! I like the email thinger, but I use my school email (which is kinda important) and I have to search through 1,000+ emails to find 1 of my teachers! :yes:


Why dont you get a gmail account and use that account for stuff that are not related to school?


That wouldn’t be as fun. My teachers check it, and gave up checking it because I get like 500 emails a day (all from this site, the Reagan forums, and a liberal forum I use to debate on)… which is a good thing, because now I don’t have to worry about them finding my Call Of Duty, and Battlefield 3 subscriptions! (along with some more school no-no’s)!


Spamming the teachers hehehe.


[quote=“Orion, post:1291, topic:23136”]
Spamming the teachers hehehe.
You know it! I don’t fell guilty… I’m making him earn that $90,000 salary! :rofl:


Until your teachers find out about this post, that is…


Good… I hope she does… maybe it’ll shake the Liberal from her mind. I swear… her skull is thicker than Rosie O’Donnall’s thunder thighs.


You sure that’s even possible? I mean, Rosie is fat… fat fat fat… FAT.FAT.FAT.FAT. She’s so fat, even her fat has fat, and even that fat has fat.


T’is true, my young lad… t’is true.


yo dawg I herd you like fat, so I put the fat in the fat and made it fat


Spamming the teacher and proud of it. Lulz.



We need a BS thread we can say, and do whatever… :embarrese It’s gay getting ridiculed for not being politically correct.