YouTube dad says authorities pay visit; Daughter gets job offer

I’m actually thinking it might be fake too. Too much stuff for one video there. Did you notice the “appliance” on the bed? Good rip if it is a fake… too sad if it is not.

No I don’t

That’s OK. You can rest in your own personal solace that you know how to deal with disrespectful and defiant children. Right now is the only time that you will know all about it and have all of the answers. You know as much about raising children as the typical CPS caseworker.

Don’t count CP$ out. They now have a case filed away on this family and they will revive it when expedient. Rigt now, if they intervened, they know that it will be negative for them amongst normal people and expose even more of their anti-family activities. They will lay in wait like liberal, anti-family snakes that they are.

I get the impression that the community in question is such that they might find it difficult to give him any grief. I imagine there are at least local pockets where the CPS (or whatever alphabet soup name they use in the state) agencies are a little more family-friendly; as you’ve noted, there are people who get into it who genuinely want to do good, even if many or most of the offices in general are hostile to such.

I never claimed to know how to deal with disrespectful children or that I had all the answers. What I do know is that airing family business in front of 24 million people is poor judgement at the very least.

So many ways to deal with situations and so little time.
NOONE is given an instruction manual regarding the raising of children, and the discipline thereof. Lots of purported experts out there with a wide variety of solutions to discipline issues. But each child out there presents his/her own problems showing that there is not one panaceac solution.
Many times fathers and for that matter , mothers react to the infraction at the moment and in most cases it was not our finest moment. ALL parents make mistakes and blunders through the growing up years, yet we managed to find our children turned out well despite our poor influences.
This father, based on the daughters response, [we can see her rotten attitude and lack of family communication] probably needed at strong response and thus to make a statement shot up her laptop. Good for him. But watching him and then her video, they have not communicated in quite some time. So it’s time to have them back off, one from the video scene, two, from angry responses and with a third party [ preferably their pastor whom I’ll bet they had not seen for some time] and come to a solution. By the way where is mom??? I haven’t seen any response from her, has anybody else, I’m sure I have missed some things here. [Is she even in the picture?]
Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to the wall [old euphemism] I raised 4, two on the wild side and two on the docile side. all turned out great, but the journey was exhausting. Mom had to intervene many times on their behalf.


CP$ prefers lower profile cases. It allows them to operate undetected. High profile cases like this have a tendency to shine the light on them and expose their MO. It’s bad for their long-term business.

It’s sort of like tht case where the federal inspector in the NC school inspected the school lunches. The agency that’s doing that probably didn’t want to have national attention because, they know that what they are doing will be despised.

I guess he is getting it from Dr Phil now.

Two days ago, the NBC Today show with Matt Lauer hosted Dr. Phil via satellite for an interview to gather his response to the YouTube video I’d posted about my daughter, Hannah. To be fair to Dr. Phil, I kind of asked for it. Two days earlier I posted the following on Facebook:

"Dr. Phil: You’ve GOT to have taken a running jump way outside the bounds of sanity
if you think I’d subject my family to your show. You’ve called almost EVERY day
and you’re now trying to track down my wife at work? Dude… NO. I can save you
the studio expense of flying us out there. Your version is "I’m an
uneducated over-aggressive father who doesn’t understand how to raise my kids
and you think my daughter simply MUST require years of intensive therapy for
being subjected to such torture as losing her laptop.“
She doesn’t need therapy, but she would by the time you finished with her!”

Response to Dr. Phil | Eight Minutes of Fame

Good for the Dad