YR Presidential Poll


A new race for YR President is nearing, and three people have hinted runs:

The Evil Conservative


Poll closes in on Monday at 12AM


Ok people you can look at it this way. You can vote for me the lovable Seravee, JC cause he is there, or Shlomo the evil person under your bed. The “other” option counts toward my total number of votes.


It does not.


It does now. lol It is official!!!


I can ban you from the chatroom. >_>


Oh snap!!! I will listen to you Suds…they don’t count.


How 'bout this - If “other” wins, we have a rematch between the two candidates who came in second and third?


I’m just there? Thanks Buddy :slight_smile:


I am not evil, I just have a mind which likes looking at gore.



Uh…EVIL!!! Vote Seravee becasue you know its whats right in your heart.


I’d rather look at Palin…


Nobody voted.


I win. Want to know why becasue Im older…and the YR Charter says so.


We amended that.


“WE” did not. We never even had a government.


We never accepted your charter, either. =P


Because you weren’t satisfied. JC and Shlomo were ready to adopt it but you didn’t like it. Can’t please a woman. :stuck_out_tongue:


Get used to it


No, they weren’t. =P As I recall, they both tried to overthrow you, and Shlomo was calling for your head on a pike.