Zero hour 1PM MST

Arizona Senate to release Maricopa County forensic audit of November 3rd election. I’m sure OAN and NEWSMAX will have live coverage. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, who knows?

I predict this is going to be even more of a letdown than Pillowguy’s 3 day long train wreck.

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Mike Lindell had a lot of data but the presentation was poor … too much bloviating. On the plus side, nobody has managed to collect on the $5 million.

As long as the Arizona Senate releases the ENTIRE report I predict it will be a blockbuster. Summary, redacted or edited report and there will be millions of people very, very angry; it will die like the British Empire … a wet fart.

Saying the presentation was poor is like saying Chernobyl was a tad unfortunate.

That’s because Lindell changed his story. Apparently the $5million off was taken “off the table” before Trainwreckapalooza even started.

As to the topic on hand, I would suggest a lot of sodium chloride before taking anything from Business Insider Australia as accurate, but this is not a good indication:

Edit: And, it turns out I was right.

So the Fraudit that was supposed to exonerate Trump actually shows he lost by even more votes than originally determined. I look forward to the mental gymnastics that are going to be used to assert that Biden still “stole the election”.


So the verdict’s in, did they release the “entire” report?

We’ll find out at 1PM MST.

My prediction: a big letdown for patriots.

We have to face reality: we lost the election. It may be hard for an ardent Trump supporter to understand why a lot of other people don’t find Trump very appealing. And we others don’t understand why a lot of people do find him appealing. That’s just the way it is.

History is full of accidents … when we needed a strong wise leader, we got Lincoln. We got Churchill. And we got FDR, not in the same league but good enough when it came to understanding the US could not avoid war.

We needed another Lincoln, and we got … Trump On the other hand, the Democrats got Biden. Perhaps they both are reflections of the decline of America. Maybe History is saying, I gave you the Founders, Lincoln, FDR … put you on a rich giant continent with a 3000-mile moat on either side and friendly neighbor on top and a weak one on bottom… sent you the best and the brightest immigrants from Europe … that’s enough. If you can’t make it on your own, I’m not going to bother.

Whatever, please please please, History … retire Mr Trump and give us someone else.

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Why is the globalist/establishment/media/democrat cabal in panic mode? The canvass is NOT included in the audit. The AG is going ape$#!+ over the canvass. Mad dog Maddow (“they’ve got the ballots!”) is heading for the hills.

Maybe the disaster of the Biden regime will cause voters to look past the mean tweets and calling a spade a spade and remember the state of the nation and the world pre-Biden regime.

Recent polls show Trump beating Biden badly in a re-match and Harris does even worse. There is hope. I don’t know what the Arizona audit will show but Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin are worse. Slow progress which the cabal is fighting every step of the way.

We have to go into overdrive for 2022 … next year! But so will the Left.

Events will determine how the broad middle swing. Another Afghanistan, we win. But maybe something like a ‘militia uprising’ by the crazies, encouraged by infiltrators – another 6 January … and they win.

And whoever wins next year, we had better be organizing at the local level to be able to deal with a real social collapse: .

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Agree 100%. Real patriots must keep their powder dry. The FBI infiltrated militias have me very worried.

There is probably one FBI informer in every local militia. So long as these groups stick to teaching people how to do rapid magazine changes and treat a sucking chest wound, they’re fine. But if you get a few hot-heads, the informer will then start to try to draw them into committing some sort of felony – illegal firearms ownership, for example.

They did this with several young Muslims a few years ago, and, while I’m not losing any sleep over that, it’s really going over the line. The FBI know how to avoid technical, legal, ‘entrapment’, and still get the loudmouths to commit to putting their hot-air spouting into action, so they can be arrested and prosecuted.

Sometimes a judge won’t buy it: Google the ‘Hutarees’. But who wants to take the chance?

Plus … they haven’t invoked the Smith Act or similar anti-Sedition laws yet, nor the state laws which outlaw private armies. But my bet is that they will, at some point. I’ve seen idiots post the most hair-raising stuff about ‘seizing Congress’ and ‘hanging traitors’ — either idiots, or employees of glavset working out of St Petersburg. Either way, utter lunacy. The “Boogaloo” bois" are another example.

The real patriots should carefully study how the official Zionists, during the war for the formation of Israel, dealt with the terrorist ‘Revisionist’ Zionists. Look here:

Actually, I think the word ‘militia’ has been irretrievably tainted. I wouldn’t use it at all. The Arizona Oathkeepers have a much wiser approach … look at their Yavapai group:

Yes, Nancy Pelosi would like nothing better than a violent re-run of January 6. The fools who start it would be the best Democrat campaign workers since the Covet-19.

As for Mr. Trump, I wish that he would not run again, but that is an impossible dream. He’s got lots of fans, but not enough in the right combination of states to win. The trouble with Trump is that it’s too easy to wave a red flag in his face and get him to say stupid stuff. He never knows when to stop talking.

Lincoln was elected in 1860 partly because the Democrat Party split in two. Stephen Douglas was the “regular” Democrat and John Breckinridge was the slaveholder’s candidate. There was also a third party candidate who supported slavery, but not secession. I wish that the Democrats would split again, but it’s not going to happen.

No one knows the future. The Hard Left is growing within the Democratic Party, and not only do they have the wind in their sails culturally, but they are more committed than the soft Left (and than we are), and also are experienced at organizing. So we might see a wave of Hard Left victories in Democratic primaries, with more Omars and AOC’s. This would actually be a good thing.

So we’ll have to wait and see. It’s a shame we don’t have the equivalent of a powerless but prestigious monarchy, to which Mr Trump could be elected or appointed.

Any nominations?

I understand your personal dislike. The question is WHO …

… if they pursue similar polices to Trump will have the stamina to stand up to the 24/7/365 assault of the MSM?

… will not have re-election high on his priority to temper his actions against the Deep State, our national enemies and our cultural rot?

… will inspire Trump’s hard core base that he is not just throwing red meat at them?

… has a record to run on in the Black community?

PS According to recent polls a Trump/Biden re-match is not even close and a Trump/Harris match-up has an even bigger margin of victory.